Far Cry 7 Might Reportedly Focus On Online Play

It has been claimed that developer-and-publisher Ubisoft will be taking the franchise into a brand new direction by incorporating greater online elements with Far Cry 7.

According to a report by VGC earlier today, an anonymous Axios source has stated that Ubisoft wants to shift the franchise to “a more online-oriented approach” with Far Cry 7. While no details were shared, the focus on online elements appears to be more than just an improved form of cooperative play.

The suggestion is not new though. Ubisoft has often expressed a wish to have its flagship franchises connect single-player with multiplayer modes in a live service fashion. The Tom Clancy franchise; Rainbow Six Siege in particular as well as the new Ghost Recon Frontline are fair examples. The Assassin’s Creed franchise has let seep in multiplayer elements such as how Valhalla allows players to create their own mercenaries which can in turn be hired by other players for raids.

Not to forget the delayed Skull & Bones which will allow players to band together against each other for piracy and naval warfare. The notion being that Ubisoft wants Far Cry to feature something along the same lines as well. Far Cry 7 may for example include multiplayer modes new to the franchise or sport its own online universe for future installments to use.

Whatever plans Ubisoft has however will take a while to materialize. Far Cry 6 was just released a couple of days ago and it may take at least three years before a new Far Cry 7 starts getting teased.

Far Cry 6 in the meanwhile takes the same linear approach as its predecessors have. While boasting an interesting storyline, the gameplay revolves around the same mechanics which have been done and dusted before. Fans of the franchise will hence feel at home, but players looking for something new may as well get their wish fulfilled with Far Cry 7.

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