How to Play Far Cry 6 in Third Person

In a series first, Far Cry 6 has added a new third-person perspective to the gameplay, with a slight twist. In this guide, we will explain how to play Far Cry 6 in Third Person and what the limitations of 3rd person POV are.

How to Play Far Cry 6 in Third Person

We are used to playing Far Cry as an FPS since its first installment. However, with the launch of Far Cry 6, you now have the option to play certain portions of the game from an over-the-shoulder perspective, like Assassin’s Creed games.

Although, you cannot play the whole Far Cry 6 in Third Person and the player has no authority over this switching, but it automatically goes into the Third person mode at specific points in the game. You’ll revert to the standard first-person mode as soon as you leave a camp.

Third-person mode is activated during cutscenes and when you enter Guerilla Camps and other unique places in Far Cry 6.

Similarly, when you use your Supremo backpack, the camera pulls back for a few seconds so you see Dani in 3rd person as they activate their ultimate ability.

Outside of the specified third-person regions, there is no option to play Far Cry 6 in third person. It’s a shame that this option is limited to only camps and cutscenes as it could come in handy in certain parts of gameplay like controlling vehicles or parachuting/gliding.

The third-person cutscenes however are a great addition to the series and help to strengthen the game’s storyline.

Switching to third-person mode within Guerilla Camps also allows you to show off your gear and cosmetics to Dani.

Since you can’t really see your own character in first-person and can’t really show off your wardrobe unless you’re playing online co-op, having at least a few zones where the camera pulls back is helpful.

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