How to Get Far Cry 6 Pre Order DLC Items

Far Cry 6, the latest installment in the famous Far Cry series from Ubisoft has been released. For people who pre-ordered the game, special items have been added in the game, however, they are not very easy to find for all the players. This guide will help you redeem the Pre Order Bonus DLC in Far Cry 6.

Far Cry 6 Pre Order DLC Items

Pre Ordering Far Cry 6 provided players with various bonuses such as the Libertad Pack for the standard edition players while Gold and Ultimate edition owners got unique packs of their own on top of the Libertad Pack.

These DLC bonuses are not provided to the players at the immediate start of the game.

To get ahold of the Pre Order bonuses, you need to follow on with the starting story missions. After a few missions, you will leave the first island and go to the larger area that is Isla Sanctuario.

After you get to Isla Sanctuario, you can check your inventory and all the items from Far Cry 6 Pre Order Bonus will be there for you to use.

To order the cars you get in the bonus packs, you need to get to a phone booth and order the vehicle. Then, you can pick it up at the garage.

Following is a list of the items you will get from the different bonus packs.

Gold Edition Items

  • AJM9 auto pistol
  • Kobracon sniper rifle
  • Omega Enforcer vehicle (not ride)
  • KillStar weapon charm
  • K-9000 Amigo
  • Bloody Dragon vehicle cosmetic

Ultimate Edition Items

Croc Hunter Pack

  • 45/70-T Rifle
  • 45/70 Cartridge ride cosmetic
  • Croc Tooth weapon charm
  • The Bushwhacker outfit
  • Off-Road

Jungle Expansion pack

  • Compass weapon charm
  • SBS shotgun
  • The Adventurer outfit

Vice Pack

  • Champagne Amigo
  • Golden Bullion weapon charm
  • Letter Opener ride cosmetic
  • The Miami Strip outfit
  • Convertible

Season Pass DLC Unlock

The season pass of Far Cry 6 also contains some unique content for those who have already bought it. To unlock the Season Pass content in FC 6, you have to find and interact with a specific TV set in one of the Guerilla camps.

To find the TV, look for the TV attached in a console with the images of the villains from Far Cry 3, 4 and 5 alternating on the TV.

The TV is not very hard to find and is almost impossible to miss. After you find it, interact with it and select the DLC Selection screen. It is not much and there isn’t much to do with it, but it will be an important point after new content is released in the future.

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