How to Play Far Cry 6 Co-op

Co-op has been a big part of the Far Cry franchise since FC3. Far Cry 6 is no different and allows players to play the entire game with one other friend. In this guide, we will help you figure out how to play Co-op in Far Cry 6 and the limitations for this multiplayer mode.

How to Play Far Cry 6 Co-op

Far Cry 6 allows players to connect with their friends to complete the entire campaign in co-op. After the option is unlocked for the players, the entire remaining campaign can be played with another friend.

To experience Far Cry 6 in multiplayer, both you and your friend need to be on the same platform and own a copy of the game. There is no crossplay in Far Cry 6, so you cannot play with people on other platforms.

Co-op play is unlocked after you progress a bit in the FC6 story and finish the Du or Die mission. So basically the first 2 hours of the game need to be played solo before you can join a friend.

How to Start a Co-op Session

To start multiplayer, enter the Arsenal tab in the pause menu and choose the Co-op in the top right. You have the option to search for random players online or look for one of your friends available online.

In order to join a player, you can choose the option “Be a Partner” and set as available. This will allow you to join sessions other players are hosting.

Similar to previous games, Far Cry 6 supports 2-player co-op so you can only play with one other friend, unlike the 4-player co-op from Far Cry 3. There is also no versus mode so no chance of going against your friends or other players.

How to Progress in Co-Op

The progression in the story and campaign is only saved for the host player. Partners joining the sessions will return to the same point where they left their game. The guests however do get to keep all the items, upgrade material and experience they accumulated during the game.

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