John Seed Is The Far Cry 5 Villain We’ll Love To Hate

One of the main reasons we all love the Far Cry franchise is not the main protagonists, not even its flawless gameplay, it’s the charming, psychotic villains each game introduces. In Far Cry 5, which this time is mostly based on narrative, you’ll have the chance to encounter a whole bunch of main antagonists, one of which is John Seed, the Baptist. Who is John Seed though and is it in him to love?

John is the brother of Joseph Seed, the Father of the cult in Hope County, around which the plot in Far Cry 5 evolves. He is one of the Heralds, the Father’s beloved siblings and controls one of the three major regions in Hope County, along with Faith and Jacob Seed. He is proclaimed the cult’s Baptist, having to be the face of the cult, bring the words of the Father to the people in the region.

In a recent IGN First, we got the chance to learn more about John Seed and his “Power of Yes”, with which he brings people closer to the Father, his brother Joseph. He is a pro with words, speaking with charm and trying to sugar coat the cult’s doing. Jean- Sebastien Decant, narrative director in Ubisoft Montreal characterizes John as the most tormented and psychotic one of the siblings.

What John believes in, as previously stated, is the “Power of Yes”. He believes that saying yes to everything will free you from any constraints but this is also the reason he and his brother Joseph have a conflictive relationship. John was the last of the siblings to be taken in foster homes and before Joseph took him under his wing he had to do some terrible stuff in order to survive. There’s a constant back and forth in John’s attitude which is the crack in the cult’s perfect image.

Dan Hay, the executive producer and creative director of Far Cry 5 states that John Seed is a guy that you can’t bargain with since he has nothing to lose. He says:

John has been through everything. There’s nothing that you can do to this guy. Nothing surprises him and as a result, it’s very difficult to go around him, go through him. He’s just there and he almost knows everything the player is going to do. I think that this creates a level of complexity in terms of making a great villain, somebody who does bad stuff but somebody who’ll say ‘well you do bad stuff too’.”

Far Cry 5 is releasing on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in March 27th.  According to Ubisoft, Far Cry 5 season pass owners will also get Far Cry 3 Classic Edition. You can also check the game’s PC system requirements here.

What do you think about John Seed as one of Far Cry 5’s set of villains? Do you look forward to meeting him when the game releases?

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