Far Cry 5 Wingman, Air Raid, The Widowmaker Walkthrough Guide

Quests in Far Cry 5 can be a little difficult to figure out, especially when you have to defeat a ton of enemies and you cannot figure how it is possible for you to take out all of those enemies. Do not worry though, as this Far Cry 5 Wingman, Air Raid, The Widowmaker Walkthrough Guide is here to help.

Our Far Cry 5 Wingman, Air Raid, The Widowmaker Walkthrough Guide will tell you how to complete all three of the aforementioned missions with relative ease. We will go through them in a step-by-step manner so that you do not have a problem with any part of the quests.

Far Cry 5 Wingman, Air Raid, The Widowmaker

All of the quests that are a part of this guide have one thing to do with planes or the other. Whether you can use them to get your hands on a new plane, or just wreak havoc through the county, it is certain that you are going to have a lot of fun doing so.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at how to tackle these aviation missions, and what rewards might you get for completing them.


Get to Rye and Son’s Aviation which can be found towards the south-west of Fall’s End in Holland Valley. From there, clear all of the enemies and then speak to Nick Eye. After that, head over to John Seed’s Ranch. You can get the key in the shed which has an ‘X’ marked on it (this is moot if you have the Locksmith Perk).

Once you have the key, head over to the ranch towards the south west of your location and take out all of the cultists to get your hands on the plane. At this outpost, it is best if you use the stealth approach. Once you have taken out all of the cultists in the area, get to the plane and start to fly it.

Learn to fly the plane (Nick will guide you) and head over to the cult properties to destroy them. Safely land the plane after destroying the cultists and then face the cultists on foot to end the quest.

Air Raid

Once again head to Rye and Son’s Aviation and get into the plane. You will be tasked with destroying the fuel pump and then the convoys. Make sure you do not lose the plane, as it will end the quest there and then. All of your targets will be marked and all you have to do is to destroy them using either the machine gun or the bombs.

Once you have destroyed the fuel tankers, there will be two helicopters coming after you. It is quite easy to destroy them as they are not that agile. It is best to have Nick as your Gun for Hire as he can use the guns to destroy the helicopters with ease. At the end, you will face a chosen airplane which is very difficult to take down. Destroy this plane to end the quest.

The Widowmaker

This quest unlocks a new plane for you and gives you 600 RP in the process.

Visit the Spread Eagle Bar and talk to Mary May to begin the quest. Move over to the Grain Elevator and use the East side to get in easily. Boomer will tag enemies automatically for you so it is best to use him on this quest. Take out all enemies in the area and then get into the warehouse using the Locksmith Perk.

If you do not have the Locksmith Perk, then the key can be found in the workshop tent towards the other side of the warehouse (it is heavily guarded by cultists).

Once you get inside the warehouse, open the garage door and get inside the Widowmaker to drive it away. You can easily surpass the roadblocks set up for you when you are escaping, as your vehicle is quite durable and will not be destroyed easily. Get the vehicle to the waypoint and then talk to Mary to end the quest.

That is all we have for our Far Cry 5 Wingman, Air Raid, The Widowmaker Walkthrough Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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