Far Cry 5 The Scattered Flock, Jumping Ship, The Cleansing Walkthrough Guide

Our Far Cry 5 The Scattered Flock, Jumping Ship, The Cleansing Walkthrough Guide will tell you all about the 3 aforementioned quests and how to get through them in a step-by-step manner.

Our Far Cry 5 The Scattered Flock, Jumping Ship, The Cleansing Walkthrough Guide below is regarding main story missions in Far Cry 5. Heading to Holland Valley, you’ll need to complete these three missions: The Scattered Flock, The Jumping Ship, and The Cleansing. Of course, you’d like a hand with carrying them out. Luckily, our Far Cry 5 Guide is here for that!

Far Cry 5 The Scattered Flock, Jumping Ship, The Cleansing

You’ll eventually come across these main missions in the Holland Valley belonging to John Seed. You’ll have to search for, rescue hostages until John Seed gets you captured, and you have to escape. For tips regarding these three missions, head down below.

The Scattered Flock

After completing the above mission, this one starts automatically. You’ll need to explore more part of the Holland Valley to see where the hostages are being kept. The Atlas section will have some hostage situations so head there. The other ones are riddled around Holland Valley.

The Peggies may move hostages around but primary locations include Reservoir Construction Yard, Frobisher’s Cave and Harris Residence. Moreover, head to the shores and edge of the rivers to find ‘Baptism Cult Sites’. This is where more hostages may being kept prisoners. Generally, you may see hostages around any part of the map.

Make sure you employ stealth as part of your main plan here since you don’t want to alter the Peggies who may kill hostages.

Also, don’t shoot near explosive tanks or flammable barrels which may hurt or kill nearby hostages. Once you’ve rescued a good number of hostages, as described in the objective, the mission will be completed.

Jumping Ship

You need to have liberated the Holland Valley to start this mission.

Head to Fall’s End where Pasture Jeffries will task you with the protection of a certain refugee near the Silver Lake Trailer Park. Fight off any Peggies, by all means, necessary until you’re able to secure the spot.

Talk to the refugee at which point more reinforcements will arrive. Deal with them. You’ll be then prompted to carry the refugee and get him on a boat near the docs. Fend off other cultists to complete the mission. You receive 900 resistance points for successfully completing the task.

The Cleansing

After giving John much trouble by racking up resistance points in Holland Valley, he will have you captured.

During the cutscene that follows, you’ll end up in a van which gets into an accident and Pasture Jerome sets you free along with a weapon. Your task will be to clear enemies on two levels or floors. Use sniper and avoid grenade throws from the Peggies. Head back to Pasture Jerome who will then task you with finding Merle.

Head to the location marked on the map to ride from the zip line into the area to save hostages and rescue Merle. Avoid mortar strikes when the warning becomes visible. Fight off the enemies for 2 minutes until extraction arrives.

Get on the mortar and fire 10 meters before the enemy to account or time delay of weapon. Once the chopper arrives, hop onto it along with Merle. You’ll have completed the mission.

This is all we have in our Far Cry 5 The Scattered Flock, Jumping Ship, The Cleansing Walkthrough Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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