Far Cry 5 Main Antagonist Could Be Playable in Future DLC

Far Cry games have a tendency to make you hate the main antagonist which is why most of us choose to put a bullet in the villain by the end. Same is the case with Far Cry 5 but this time around we will dive even deeper into the mind of our antagonist, The Father.

While I would like to end Far Cry 5 by putting a bullet in his head, even killing him may not be the end of The Father. In a recent interview, Ubisoft producer Darryl Long hinted that we will get to play as The Father in future Far Cry 5 DLC.

This means that either The Father will survive the events of Far Cry 5 or we will jump back in time to experience life through his eyes to better understand the character.

I can tell you right now that when you’re playing Far Cry 5, you’re going to get very up close and personal with The Father. You are gonna get a lot of good time with him and I will not rule out the possibility that at some future time you’ll get even closer.

Far Cry 5 offers 3 very unique pieces of DLC that allow players to explore different settings. And one of the DLC does seem suitable for The Father. Hours of Darkness DLC takes players back to Vietnam to fight the Cộng soldiers. This indicates that The Father may have served in Vietnam if Long’s comments are any indication of The Father being playable.

Far Cry 5 is releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC later this month. The game is available to pre-order from Steam, Uplay, PlayStation Store, and Xbox Marketplace. For more on Far Cry, stay-tuned!

Source: Hihopgamer – Via: Shacknews

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