Far Cry 5 Lockpicking Guide

There are two different kinds of barriers that will prevent you from entering a certain area or accessing a certain item. You can either run into locked doors or locked safes, both of which will be an inconvenience in the least without this Far Cry 5 Lockpicking Guide.

Our FC 5 Lockpicking Guide will tell you how to get through both of the aforementioned hurdles. It will mention multiple ways to get through both the safes and the doors so that you are never stuck when exploring the world.

Far Cry 5 Lockpicking

Whenever you see a big black floor block, it means you have run into a safe which could potentially contain some extremely tasty loot. Remember that you cannot open safes with a key, and need to find a dirty way to open them up.

The easiest way to do this is to blow the safe up. Use a dynamite or a remote explosive and then get to a safe distance before the explosion. The explosion will break the door of the safe but will not damage any components.

Alternatively, you can unlock the Locksmith Perk. If you do that, simply go to the safe and press the button to open it.

If you do not want that, you can get a Repair Tool which can burn the safe open. However, using the Repair Tool will not be stealthy but the Lockpick perk will.

How to Lockpick Doors

You will run into two different types of doors in Far Cry 5. If the doors require a regular key to get inside, you can find the key required which will almost certainly be near the door somewhere. Alternatively, the lockpick perk can be used to unlock them.

If the doors have a key card, then there is only one way to unlock them. You need to find the keycard of the specific door. The keycard will be a part of a puzzle as these doors usually guard Prepper Stashes. Solve the puzzles to get the keycard and you will be able to enter the door.

Also watch out for open windows because if there is an open window you don’t need to lockpick the door at all. You can simply enter through the open window.

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