Far Cry 5 Lead Writer Explains How Story Progression In The Game Is Tied To Your Actions

One thing is sure about upcoming Far Cry 5, it’s going to be a lot more story driven than the franchise’s previous titles. Ubisoft has already revealed that it’s more of a narrative experience than an FPS title, which is also confirmed by lead writer, Drew Holmes. He also reveals that events and story decisions in all regions in Far Cry 5 will impact what you’ll face next.

In a recent interview with ScreenRant, Far Cry 5 Lead Writer Drew Holmes has talked about the game’s development and the franchise’s future in general. What really stood out though is the fact that every bit of story you experience, every character you interact with or kill will have an impact on your progression. This may look like a pretty standard thing to be happening in an adventure-oriented title, however, Far Cry 5’s story is spread into different regions, whose stories intertwine with this feature.

To completely understand what this means, here’s Holmes’ statement:

Where each region is telling its own contained story but Joseph is sitting over top of it all – you have this story with him that he’s sort of dipping in-and-out and each story of the region. The way we were approaching all the missions and all the stories, everything has to be self-contained and because we don’t quite know where you’re going to be interacting with these characters at any given point, but what we did on the writing side was make sure that if any character or event that was happening in a mission, probably would have affected something that came before or after.

You gotta be sort of driving through the scenes. I think, overall, we did a pretty damn good job of making sure that no matter which way you’re going, no matter who you’re talking to, everything really feels like it’s pulled along by this rollercoaster of the game itself.

Far Cry 5 is keeping us intrigued as to how its story progression will hold up with all this backlog of choices spicing it up. We shall see if it really stands up to the expectations when it officially releases on March 27th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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