Far Cry 5 False Prophet, Ignorance is Bliss, The Lesson Walkthrough Guide

We have curated this Far Cry 5 False Prophet, Ignorance is Bliss, The Lesson Walkthrough Guide in which we will be going over detailed walkthrough of three main quests in Far Cry 5. These include False Prophet, Ignorance is Bliss, and The Lesson. Here you will find some tips and tricks that will help you complete these missions easily and without much effort.

The main campaign of Far Cry 5 is very captivating and it is keeping us glued to the screen. The missions are fun and diverse and offer a great chance to experience the dangerous yet beautiful world of Hope County.

These missions are simple yet you will require some sort of a strategy to clear them easily. Although most of the time, how you complete the mission is dependent on your own personal preferences, there is still the most suitable method of completing a mission.

Far Cry 5 False Prophet, Ignorance is Bliss, The Lesson

Below you will find a detailed walkthrough of the three chapters. Like we said earlier, you are free to complete these missions with an approach that suits your playstyle but that may not work every time with all missions and you might end up making the mission a lot harder for you. With our Far Cry 5 False Prophet, Ignorance is Bliss, The Lesson Walkthrough Guide, you will be able to breeze through these missions.

False Prophet

False Prophet mission is your first step in sending a message to the cultists that you are about the takeover Hope County. In this mission, you must find and destroy a Father Statue and burn Joseph Saeed’s book. To start this mission, find Tracey in Hope County Jail and speak with her. She will give you this quest. Once you have the quest, take the helicopter and reach the marker on the map.

This will lead you straight to the statue that you must destroy. The best way to destroy the statue is with a helicopter because it has great firepower. You can also use other means such as RPGs or C4s to destroy it if you manage to destroy the helicopter somehow. Each part of the statue needs to be destroyed separately. Simply aim at different parts and fire on them to destroy them.

Once the statue has been destroyed, you will need to enter the statue. Before entering the statue, you must clear the area around it. Kill all the enemies in the area and enter the statue. The way forward will have many ladders and ledges that you can easily climb. Make sure to grab the rocket launcher from the second floor, as soon helicopters will arrive to take you out.

Once you are at the top, you will see the book that you have to burn. Get close to the book to trigger the cutscene. Once the cutscene is over, your main quest will be complete.

Ignorance is Bliss

Keep racking up the resistance points and you will soon be ready for the third encounter with Faith. Once you are drugged and in the world of Faith, you will once again open your eyes to the green heavenly world of beauty. Only this time, Faith will be upset with you for stopping the spread of bliss and telling you to stop destroying Bliss, as people are happy with it.

The scene will change and you will arrive at a boat with Marshall on it. After a brief conversation, you will be tasked with taking Marshall out. Once you get control, chase after Marshall and take him down once the prompt appears on the screen. This will cause everything to fade away and you will soon wake up back at Hope County only to see Tracey and Sherriff trying to treat Marshall.

You will pass out soon and when you wake up, you will do so back in the normal game with complete control and completing your third encounter with Faith.

The Lesson

The Lesson is another Faith encounter which triggers once you have maxed out the resistance point meter in the Henbane River region. Once you have been drugged and inside Faith’s world, you will meet Faith again with Marshal and Virgil sitting in the background. The scene will end when Marshall kills Virgil and sabotages the jail before killing himself.

The scene will end and you will wake up outside the Hope County Jail in the real game. Once you are up and running, you will hear an emergency transmission over the radio in which Tracey informs that Sheriff and others have been abducted and enemies now roam inside the jail with hostages. Time for you to save them.

To get inside the prison, go towards the left side of the prison and head to the backside of the prison. Find the grappling point there and get inside the prison. This will lead you to the roof of the prison. Stay crouched, as there will be many snipers in the area. Mark them and start taking them out.

Once all snipers are down, head to the stairs leading to the vent. It will be marked on your map so simply follow the marker. Once inside the prison, you must find Tracey.

Right outside the vent, kill the enemy patrolling the area and then mark the enemies below in the area. If you want to save all hostages and Tracey, stealth is your friend here. Alarming the enemies will cause the death of some hostages if not all.

There is a small hole in the ground on the left side under which you will see an enemy, jump on it to kill it and then walk towards right side while crouched. Once you reach the broken part of the floor, jump down to the main area of the jail. Your goal is to sneak under the stairs and reach behind the table where two enemies are standing close to each other.

Kill them and the rest should be easy. Eliminate all the remaining enemies and save the hostages. Head to Tracey in the cell and she will let you know to find the key. One of the guards will have it. Open the cell and set her free to watch the ending cutscene.

This concludes our Far Cry 5 False Prophet, Ignorance is Bliss, The Lesson Walkthrough Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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