Far Cry 5 Clutch Nixon Guide – All Clutch Nixon Missions, Stunt Challenges

Our Far Cry 5 Clutch Nixon Guide will tell you the location of all of the Clutch Nixon missions in all three of the regions, so you can stop looking for ways to be reckless and can busy yourself performing stunts and speeding.

Far Cry 5 Clutch Nixon

Far Cry 5 Clutch Nixon Missions usually have stunt jumps and racing for you to do. However, these missions are not easy to find. They are far apart and very few in number, so you would probably be needing this Far Cry 5 Clutch Nixon Guide. Here are the locations of each of the Clutch Nixon Locations in Far Cry 5.

John’s Region

A mission can be found in the Reservoir Construction Yard. Another one can be found if you go south-east of Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm. It should not be that difficult to spot!

Jacob’s Region

The first mission is in the PIN-KO Radar Station and has you racing in ATVs down a hill. The second mission is towards the south of Baron Lumber Mill and has you racing in ATVs through the forest. The third mission is a wingsuit challenge and is found to the northwest of Fort Drubman. The last challenge of the region is another Wingsuit Challenge which can be found if you go west and slightly north of Drubman Marina.

Faith’s Region

The first Clutch Mission is found in Prosperity. It is located near the spot where you complete missions for Tweak. Head southeast of the Hope County Jail to start the challenge. The second challenge is towards the northeast of the region at the base of the mountains. It has you flying a plane through targets.

We are still in the process of updating our Far Cry 5 Clutch Nixon Guide. Let us know if you have something to add using the comments section below!

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