Far Cry 4 Supply Drop Quests Guide

How to complete Far Cry 4 Supply Drop Quests for 100 percent completion in the game.

The supply quests are pretty straight forward and involve players receiving the quest through a radio and then picking up some supplies to drop them off in another place.

All these quests have a timer though and enemies spawn while players are making the delivery, it is, however, possible to just rush past them on a vehicle.

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Far Cry 4 Supply Drop Quests

Supply Drop Quests are mostly located inside small huts at the base of radio towers. A buzzer is also located near the tower for most quests which makes the job very easy. Players are free to complete these quests in any order.

Supply Drop Quest #1x:281 y:445
Players can choose whatever vehicle they want to drive and move on to the first checkpoint while Gopal, the quest giver explains the mission over radio.

The first supply backpack is located in the front yard at the target area, next to a dead body. The second backpack is behind the house but players need to be careful as there is a wolf there as well.

Having picked both backpacks, players just need to drop them off at the checkpoint, at a door inside the mountain.

Supply Drop Quest #2x:331 y:470
The first backpack is located inside a tent where players might get attacked by Pagan Min’s soldiers as well as a tiger. The second one is on the floor of the shack near the stove.

The shack already has two guards inside it and two more arrive shortly afterwards on a RHIB. After killing the enemies and picking up the second backpack, players can take the coast road north and stop just before the bridge.

A ledge hidden behind a tree can be used to climb up and reach more climbable vines. Upon reaching the top, players need to leap across the river and then use a grappling point to climb up and reach the dropoff cave.

There is also a pit viper nearby so they should be careful.

Supply Drop Quest #3x:388 y:381
The first supply bag is in the tent inside an area under attack by Dholes and enemy soldiers. A buzzer nearby should be used as it can make delivery a whole lot easier.

The second bag is on the ground between crates and explosive barrels. This bag is guarded by soldiers but the explosive barrels should allow for quick and easy kills.

Having picked both bags, the buzzer can be flown to reach the cave door quickly while avoiding enemy soldiers.

Supply Drop Quest #4x:478 y:680
The quest marker leads the players to the area of the first bag which is located halfway down the waterfall. Players can fly to the area, kill enemy wolves and carefully make their way down towards the bag.

Having picked it up, they can just jump into the water and use the jet ski nearby to reach the second bag, on roof of a shack surrounded by a lot of enemy soldiers.

After killing the soldiers and picking up the bag, players need to run up the slope behind the building and drop the supplies at the cave door.

Supply Drop Quest #5x:560 y:790
The first bag is in a cave where players have to shoot their way in. Soon they will come up on a hole which can be crossed by swinging across using a grapple point.

The backpack can be found shortly afterwards. The second bag is under a small table inside a cabin. There are a few soldiers nearby but they can be easily killed.

Third supply backpack is in yet another cave heavily guarded. There is also a heavy flamer nearby so players have to be extremely careful while keeping an eye out on their timer.

The bag is at the bottom of the underground pond can be quite difficult to find. Players can try to follow the beep sound or start searching from the spot where the guy holding the flashlight falls into the water.

After picking this up, players should rush towards the exit and fly the buzzer to the drop off point.

Supply Drop Quest #6x:675 y:647
The first backpack is on a climbable ledge just upstream from a cabin. The cabin is being guarded by a hunter and two leopards. After picking it up, players can proceed to the 2nd checkpoint where the bag is on a rocky platform.

Players can take the buzzer to downward stone stairs and then grapple up. The third bag can be found in tent filled with blue benches. The bag is behind one such bench.

There are enemy soldiers in the area too so players should be ready to fight. After picking the bag, they can quickly use the buzzer to escape and drop off the supplies.

Supply Drop Quest #7x:765 y:765
The first bag is in a cave. Going northeast of the bridge, players can grapple down to fight some enemies (soldiers, wolves and tigers) and then swim to the bottom of an underground lake to pick up the supply bag.

The 2nd supply bag is just hanging on the wall of the barracks, west side of the nearby enemy base. There is a buzzer nearby too which players can use to reach the next site, which is inside a cave.

The buzzer can be flown to the cliff and then players can use the grapple point nearby to descend into the cave. After picking this final bag, players can just go back up and fly the buzzer to the drop off point.

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