Far Cry 4 Kyrati Films Racing and Survival Activities Guide

There are tons of activities that you can take part in when playing Far Cry 4 and for most of them, we can map out the tricky pints for you.

However, do remember that the game plays out in an live world which means there could be some differences between how we experienced it and how you will experience it.

The number of enemies might be one more or one less and the exact locations and timings of the vehicles etc. might be somewhat different.

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Far Cry 4 Kyrati Films

Surprisingly, the people of Kyrat are into filming races. These activities have two kinds; Racing and Survival. We have listed down he activities in each and given you details on what you will need to do and where i.e the map coordinates.


This one is as simple as it gets in Far Cry 4; all you need to do is beat the timer by passing through given checkpoints in a race.

Map Coordinates x:214 y:430

This is not actually a race location but you will have to visit this spot in order to start racing. Locate a nondescript blue door in Banapur and meet Sharma Salsa to trigger the races.

Border Observation Post
Map Coordinates x:809 y:659
Vehicle: Quad

The race is fairly simple except for massive traffic. You will get ATVs coming in at you from the opposite direction, but the only time your Schumacher will be really tested is when you meet on close to the gates.

Keo Logging Camp
Map Coordinates x:419 y:759
Vehicle: Buggy

The things you will want to beware of include the pickup on the right at the start, the log piles and pedestrians that you will have to wiggle through, the massive jumps after gate 6 and 14, a herd of elephants between 20 and 22, and a scavenger around checkpoint number 28 – dodge it or you are going down.

Kyra Tea Weigh Station
Map Coordinates x:346 y:380
Vehicle: Quad

The initial checkpoints will be marred with rhinos and elephants other than that, the last half is going to get a couple of trees on the path at gate 9, traffic on the pavement and pedestrians as you close in on the finish line.

Pokhari Ghara
Map Coordinates x:555 y:748
Vehicle: Minivan

Nothing much to worry about, just the onslaught of traffic that will be coming at your mini van.

Rochan Brick Co. Storage
Map Coordinates x:437 y:541
Vehicle: Tuk Tuk

The thing you should be worries the most about is your own vehicle toppling over – especially when you are off road. Do make sure you swipe safely past the bears on checkpoint 11 and 14 as well as the rhinos between checkpoints 26 and 28.

Royal Guard Kennels
Map Coordinates x:602 y:708
Vehicle: Hovercraft

Hovercrafts can go fast, but only if you keep a straight line. So avoid those turns and seriously avoid cornering. Moreover, there will be bears on checkpoint on gates 4 and 7, as well as Yaks on checkpoint 10.

Royal Raksi Brewery
Map Coordinates x:554 y:537
Vehicle: Pickup Truck

You will get trees, elephants around checkpoints 6 and 9, boulders on 9, bears between 15 and 18, and finally a second elephant around checkpoint 21.

Shanath Training Ground
Map Coordinates x:250 y:542
Vehicle: Quad

Maintain a straight line and avoid bears on checkpoint 16 and 18; a massive jump at 21 and rhinos at 27. Rest will be just fine!

Map Coordinates x:509 y:430
Vehicle: Pickup Truck

The only few things you have too keep an eye out for are an elephant at 5, a rhino a 26 and a truck at the turn around 7.


There are slight differences between Racing and Survival. Firstly, you are not counting down but adding seconds to the timer for every checkpoint. Secondly, You might be asked to switch between different vehicles and lastly, there will be enemies on the path.

We have listed down all the Survival races with details on the map coordinates, vehicles you will ride and guidelines on important areas on your way.

Barnali’s Textures
Map Coordinates x:443 y:687
Vehicles: Quad, Buzzer

Take a cannon instead of a grenade launcher and when you are on the path, keep to your left after you go past the soldiers. There is a guard at the buzzer; you can take him out or avoid wasting time on that and get out of range quickly using the buzzer.

Khilana Bazar
Map Coordinates x:298 y:429
Vehicles: Pickup, Quad

Make sure you are good at hitting the breaks or jumping out in the right time from the Pickup as getting to the Quad is going to be a tricky exchange. Also remember, you will be met with an off-roader from the front around the time you are going to make the switch.

Lhumtse Barracks
Map Coordinates x:783 y:605
Vehicles: Quad, Buggy

There will be many soldiers along the path but that is nearly all the obstacles. However, it would be better if you avoid all of them and keep going straight. This way you will only have to face one Assaulter at the time of vehicle exchange.

Namboche Monstery
Map Coordinates x:803 y:725
Vehicles: Quad, Hovercraft

This won’t be as easy as the last one, you are going to be good at dodging the enemies, animals and boulders all of whom will come at you one by one. In fact, you might have to fight one of the bears sometime.

Rochan Brick Co. Shipping
Map Coordinates x:394 y:501
Vehicles: Darrah (car), Hovercraft

One thing that will help you save time here is to go head on and hit the boulder at the time of the vehicle switch. That way you wont have to worry about braking. You can avoid the guard here, take the hovercraft and leave.

One tricky point after that is when you have passed an assaulter close to the truck; you should take left from behind the truck as taking right will put you down the cliff.

Sahi Jile Checkpoint
Map Coordinates x:668 y:761
Vehicles: Scavenger (jeep), Hovercraft, Buzzer

This race is long, but it isn’t too tricky. The only points you need to worry about are the vehicle switch points. The first one has no enemies so you just have to be time efficient about it.

The second one has two guards and you will have to get rid of them before you can ride the buzzer.

Seven Treasures Ashram
Map Coordinates x:434 y:389
Vehicles: Quad, Hovercraft

You can get through this easily by being selective about which enemy to kill and which one to ignore. Take out the guard at the switch point, leave the others, leave the RHIB that comes at you when you drop to the water and that is all.

Shanath Breeders
Map Coordinates x:382 y:570
Vehicles: Jet Ski, Pickup Truck

You are going to be faced with a lot of enemies at this race; however you shouldn’t get distracted.Don’t bother taking them down and open fire only at the two guards standing by your pickup.

Leave every other enemy and save as much time as you can because after that, you are going to have to dodge a lot of elephants.

Map Coordinates x:675 y:703
Vehicles: Quad, Wingsuit, Jet Ski

When you are thrown into the sky from the Quad, don’t fret with the parachute and stay as stealthy as you can.

There are enemies waiting for you at the shore, so it is better if they don’t find you coming in. Go as close as you can to the Jet Ski. Once you have it, simply avoid all the enemies there on especially the watercraft and the bear that comes after that.

If there is anything confusing, let us know and we will help you with it.

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