Far Cry 4 Karma Events Guide

Everything you need to know about Far Cry 4 Karma Events.

In Far Cry 4, you will encounter multiple activities as you progress through the game. Some of them will pop up on specific locations while others can be as random as ever. Karma Events are one of those mini-quests that can pop up randomly around the world.

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Far Cry 4 Karma Events

These mini-quests are similar to Pagan’s Wrath and will pop up as you move around the map. Look out for purple diamonds on the map if you are in for the Karma Events Activities. Completing these gets you a nice bump in the karma – of course.

We have listed down some of the types of Karma Events that you can take part in.

They are random, and can pop up anywhere; you will be tasked to kill a lieutenant – how you do it is purely up to you.

Bomb Defusal
Slightly trickier than just putting a bullet in an enemy; this is where you will usually have to face a couple of enemies before you can get rid of the ammo crates wired to a bomb. However, don’t get spotted as that will trigger the countdown.

Helping the Rebels
There isn’t much required of you here. All you need to do is to reach the spot where the skirmishes are going down and just, sort of, help the Golden Path in the fight.

Hostage Rescues
You could either be asked to free a prisoner from enemy troops that are taking him through the jungles or you could be asked to free one from a given location with men standing guard. In either one of them, you have to get rid of the enemies and free the hostage. However, in the second one, you will need to stay undetected as the enemies will kill the hostages if they spot you.

Kill the Courier
This one is simple, just take down the courier vehicle that is taking secret documents and collect whatever secrets it was carrying.

This is where you will be helping the locals from any predators that are after their flesh and blood. Kill the animal and you are successful.

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