Far Cry 4 Hostage Rescue Quests ‘No One Left Behind Guide

Hostage Rescue quests in Far Cry 4 are mostly available from liberated outposts. These are different from karma events of the same name and only provide money and experience.

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Far Cry 4 Hostage Rescue Quests

Players have to infiltrate an enemy camp and take out the enemies to free the hostages. Since the hostages are very weak and execute order is given the moment players are detected, its best to go stealth and use a sniper rifle.


This quest is located at (x:196 y:599) at the outpost.

Once players reach the target area, they can tag all the enemies from tin roofed hay shed to the southwest. One of the hostages is being tortured by an enemy up in the east while another soldier patrols the area.

Two other soldiers are also nearby, but they are a bit relaxed so sneaking up to them should be very easy. The other three hostages are corralled in the sunken area to the north, guarded by a fourth assaulter.

There’s also a fifth assaulter who sometimes stands, or sometimes sits, on the west-facing porch of the house in the southeast.

This lone soldier is the best starting point as players can sneak around the houses to reach him and then perform a takedown. After killing him, they can snipe the other single enemy to the west.

Following that players can sneak up to the relaxed enemies and kill them quickly, preferably with a combo takedown and then finally finish off the torturer to complete the mission.

Barnali’s Textiles

After taking the quest from (x:336 y:687), players can move to the target area and use the camera to spot enemies. Three of the hostages are sitting in a courtyard to the north, being guarded by an assaulter and two berserkers.

The last hostage is farther south and down the stairs being guarded by a single assaulter. A sniper is located in the east part of the area, also the highest point which provides him a great line of sight.

Taking down sniper should be the first priority as it means players will be able to sneak around easily in the area. After finishing off the sniper, they can go down the stairs and kill the lone assaulter.

After that it’s just simply going to the remaining three enemies and unleashing hell upon them by either using a high powered gun or initiating a combo takedown.

Border Observation Post

The quest can be obtained from the outpost at (x:811 y:665) after which the players can proceed to the target area. 

The first step they need to do is get to a vantage point on the hills to the north and shoot the two snipers on rooftops. These two snipers are guarding a hostage who is digging in the central yard.

There is a third soldier on the porch of this same house; he can be killed by shooting the explosive barrel next to him.

However, players might want to kill the sniper by a bullet and save the barrel for later as a technical drives by. The vehicle can be destroyed by shooting the barrel killing the enemies.

Once the vehicle has been destroyed, players can slide down the slope to approach the area.

Two chargers and two defenders come in rushing from the southeast side of the camp but they don’t have eyes on the players yet so they won’t execute the hostages yet.

Players can tag and kill these 4 enemies one by one to finish the quest.

Keo Gold Storage

The heavy flamer in this quest (x:438 y:817) roams all around the target area.

Players should wait for him to pass by the rocks on the west and then perform a takedown. Once he is dead, they can slip into the empty barns on the high northern corner of the map and use the camera to scan the area.

A sniper can be seen on a roof to the south with a hostage and a guard inside the building. Two other guards can be seen near a distant cabin to the east with two hostages kneeling on the ground near them.

Two guards roam around a bit so players need to make sure they aren’t looking and then shoot the sniper. The guard inside the building is next can be easily sniped through the open window.

Once they are dead, players can sneak to the two patrolling guards and perform a chain takedown or a knife throw takedown to kill them both quickly.

Khilana Bazaar

This quest can be a bit tricky as not only the enemies and hostages are in the area but also other civilians moving around.

Two hostages are lying on the porch of the central house while another is near a little shack to the north. One assaulter keeps moving between these two places.

The fourth hostage kneels against the south of a building to the west and the assaulter guarding him keeps moving between this building and the central house.

The third and fourth assaulter both are a bit separate from the others. One of them is busy skinning an animal to the south while the other is inside the main house.

Players can slide down the southwestern slope and takedown the skinner, move around the back of the house and climb in through the window to takedown the guard inside.

Once they are dead, players can simply snipe the two guards patrolling or sneak close while making sure they don’t get spotted and then perform separate takedowns on them.

Kyra Tea Weigh Station

This is probably the easiest rescue mission, starting from (x:345 y:378).

Players are sent to a small mine entrance where three defenders and an assaulter each guard one hostage, their faces are turned towards the mine. If players have chain takedown unlocked and move quickly, they can kill all four within seconds.

Players can enter the area from the north, near the truck. One guard keeps moving around a bit with his hostage. Players need to wait until this guard moves past another one who is beating his hostage near a boulder.

When they get close, players can perform a chain takedown on both of them and move up the path to kill the other two.

Open Hearts Clinic

The quest can be obtained from (x:387 y:674).

Two hostages appear on the house’s east side, one is in the yard while the other is on the porch with a guard looking at him. A defender and assaulter guard the north corner while another defender covers the south.

There is another guard visible through the upstairs window. This guard is next to the remaining hostages. As players observe the scene and mark enemies, another assaulter drives up and enters the house.

Players can move around the east side and snipe the upstairs guard from a distance. When he is dead, they can move south and follow the path to the house and kill the assaulter, who just entered, through the window.

Now they can sneak to the house’s south side and kill the two enemies there. This only leaves two more enemies and they can be killed in any way.

Pokhari Ghara

This quest starts from (x:552 y:748).

If players approach the target site from the north, they can see two hostages on the second floor balcony of the main lodge guarded by an assaulter.

A hut to the east has two more guards and a hostage inside while the last hostage is being marched in a circle around the hotel, guarded by a single defender.

Players need to wait until the marching hostage and the defender with him disappear behind the hotel. That is when a heavy flamer walks out onto the raised steps to the west just in time for players to perform a takedown.

When the flamer is dead, they can snipe the assaulter on the balcony and approach the house. The marching hostage should appear and players need to take the enemy soldier with his quickly, before he can spot the dead heavy flamer.

When he is dead, only the two soldiers inside the hut remain. Players can sneak up to them and perform a chain takedown.

Royal Raksi Brewery

The quest (x:554 y:535) leads players to a cave which has two entrance routes.

Player can move to the eastern end of the quest area to find a river that spills into a vertical cave entrance. This is the place from where they can grapple down to two enemies, both facing the east.

A third enemy watches another hostage to the northeast with his back to the waterfall. Players can easily perform takedowns on all three and then move down the tunnel to where an assaulter guards a hostage.

Past this assaulter, a defender and a berserker guard the other entrance to the cave but their back is towards the player. Players can kill them all without any trouble to finish the quest.

Sahi Jile Checkpoint

Players can start the quest at (x:669 y:764) and move to the target site.

The sniper to the northeast must be taken out first. Players can zero in on his position by following the laser from his scope. Once he is dead, players can peak over a ledge to the southwest and shoot at an explosive barrel right next to two other enemy soldiers.

After the explosion, players need to quickly slide down the slope as more soldiers come out of the cave one by one. If players kill them quickly as they come, the alarm won’t be triggered.

When all the enemies are dead, players can go into the cave to free the hostages.


This quest can be started at (x:499 y:371).

There are two hostages in the house and two next to each other outside, on the south side. A sniper moves around the area but mostly has his sights on the northern area and a berserker pours gas around the foundation of the house.

The two hostages inside the house are being guarded by a defender who sometimes moves out to the north porch and there is one other defender near the other two hostages too.

Players can easily approach from the east and kill the sniper from a distance when he stands on a ledge or climbs to the roof.

When he is dead, they can sneak towards the berserker and kill him as well and then enter the house to kill the defender with the hostages. Once he is dead, the defender in the yard should be very easy to kill.


Approaching the target area for this quest (x:512 y:431) is pointless as players can be easily seen by guards as soon as they climb out of the water.

The road from the northeast is the easiest approach path and leads to a large house which provides good cover. A defender patrols this area and can be killed as he passes by.

Once he is dead, players can go towards the building’s south side and kill the nearby assaulter. Two hostages are on the building’s west side while the other two are on a stone pier.

Two assaulters stand in the area, one stationary while the other roams around. Players need to wait until one of them moves along the water and then first kill the stationary one and then the one patrolling.

After these two, only one enemy remains on a pier to the north. He can be easily killed with a long range weapon to complete the mission.

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