Far Cry 4 Every Bullet A Sermon Missions ‘Longinus Guide

How to complete Far Cry 4 Every Bullet A Sermon Missions given by Longinus for 100 percent completion of the game.

Longinus, the gun selling priest in Far Cry 4 offers players 4 missions under the Every Bullet A Sermon mission chain.

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Far Cry 4 Every Bullet A Sermon Missions

Every Bullet A Sermon Missions follow a similar pattern with players trying to help Longinus atone for his past sins and looking for “lost sheep”.

A Short Hunt

The first mission will begin with players looking for a smuggler. They can use the ATV located near Longinus to follow the quest marker to locate this “lost sheep”.

When the players reach the quest marker, the smuggler will drive by with a convoy of bodyguards in a truck behind him. Players have to follow the smuggler without being seen.

It’s a good idea to keep the distance between the target and their own vehicle around 80-100 meters. The ATV speeds up really fast so players might want to switch over to a nearby parked truck.

Soon the smuggler will stop near a vantage point and that’s when the objective will change from “Follow” to “Kill”.

The enemies aren’t really tough so players can decide to charge them all guns blazing, or they can try to stealth the mission which will of course take some extra time.

When all the guards and the smuggler are dead, players need to enter a nearby cave to loot the stuff smuggler had hidden. The cave will have a few guards inside along with some loot crates and blood diamonds on the desk.

There is also a recurve bow in one of the chests so if players haven’t acquired it yet, this might be a good chance to unlock it for free.

After picking up the diamonds, once players exit the cave they will face more soldiers but killing them shouldn’t be a problem, especially with the re-curve bow they just acquired.

Having killed all the enemies, players can take one of the trucks to take the diamonds and drop them off to a secluded shack along the river.


Once again the same type of mission with players looking for yet another “lost sheep” where the initial quest marker will lead them to a bridge.

Players have to hide until the smuggler passes underneath the bridge on a RHIB. When the smuggler has passed, players can use a nearby jet ski to follow him, while keeping their distance as usual.

After a while, the smuggler will land on shore so players should do the same and follow him on foot to reach a hill. The path climbing up the hill has some soldiers spread across it.

The path leads to another cave where the smuggler is hiding now. The best way to complete this area is to kill the strong armored Defenders from a distance using a sniper rifle and then rush the others, chaining takedowns or simply firing like a maniac.

Given all the fighting, there is a good chance the smuggler will charge out of the cave with a few more enemies to kill the players but they should all be very easy to kill.

Once everyone is dead, players can loot the smuggler to get the vault key and head inside the cave where a locked door can be opened by the key. A few more soldiers wait just behind the door but there is also an explosive tank so players can kill them all with a single shot.

Once the room is clear, players can loot the blood diamonds on the table and get out of the cave only to be met by more soldiers outside.

Grenades can be really useful here as players can thin out their numbers from inside the safety of the cave. Having killed all the enemies, players can take the jet ski or smuggler’s RHIB to the drop point to finish the mission.

A High Price

Same layout as previous missions but this time players are sent to an overlook with a buzzard nearby. Players have to use the buzzard to trail a two car convoy on the road below.

The cars will stop on a hill with a cabin on top and that is when players can kill all the enemies.

If they have a grenade launcher, players can unleash hell on enemies from the sky, killing multiple enemies at once with the explosions or simply drop down and kill them normally.

There is a sniper in the area so killing him should be the first priority as he can deal a lot of damage. There is also a heavy gunner but flanking and using cover should result in his death in no time.

The smuggler is hiding inside the cabin so players can just throw a grenade through the window to kill him and then loot his body.

The stairs at the rear of the cabin lead downstairs to a large basement filled with a lot of enemies. Once the players have killed them all, they can find the blood diamonds on a desk against the far wall.

As usual, more reinforcements would have arrived by now so players can throw a few grenades outside while standing on stairs and then kill the remaining enemies normally.

When all the enemies are dead, players can run or use the buzzard or reach the drop off point at the Lagoon of Tears.

A Final Penance

After reaching the initial quest marker, players have to use the grapple point to reach a vantage point where they will see two defenders and a charger on a side road.

The smuggler arrives in a vehicle, picks up one of the defenders and the drives away. Players can follow them cautiously using a nearby parked jeep or run downhill to steal a technical from enemies.

They need to be quick though or the smuggler might get away. On the road, the smuggler will turn off on a little mountain road near Shining Minds Reformatory and stop at a cabin being protected by some soldiers including a heavy gunner.

Killing all these enemies can be really easy from the road by using a sniper rifle.

After killing the soldiers and the smuggler, players have to head to the cache under the porch, but they should probably blow up the barrels nearby first since they can be used against them when escaping.

Below the porch there will once again be a room with a few guards and the blood diamonds.

After clearing the room and stealing the diamonds, players can head back up but the reinforcements this time include a sniper too so they need to be careful.

The enemies will also use the parked technical to shoot at the players, but instead of destroying the vehicle, players should kill the gunners inside it since the vehicle is the best escape option, the other one being the slow running on foot.

Once all the enemies are dead, players can proceed to the drop off point where for the first time, Longinus awaits them with a gift: the LK-1018 Launcher.

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