Far Cry 4 Assassination Missions Guide – Stealth Tips, How To Kill

Just like Pagan Min and his generals terrorize the residents of Kyrat, players have the chance to strike fear into the hearts of enemies as well through Assassination quests where they have to kill an enemy leader and then disappear.

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Far Cry 4 Assassination Missions

All 7 assassination quests are divided into 4 parts: kill the enemy commander without being seen, loot his body for dog tags, hide the body and then escape the area undetected.

Hiding the body is optional but can be helpful. All these quests are open ended so players can finish them in any way they want.

Hunting syringes are really useful here as players can use them to locate all the enemies inside the area and either avoid them or stealth kill them.

This guide should help the players find the locations of these quests as well as provide hints on how to best to complete the task.

Bhirabata Outpost

The quest begins from (x:533 y:810) and players have to climb a vantage point high up in a mountain. Good grappling skill is really helpful here as players climb up through various grapple points to kill the enemies up at the vantage point.

The commander is heavily guarded but most of his guards are facing the south side so players can climb up the ledges north of the stairs and keep climbing until they can drop down behind the crates beside the house.

A heavy soldier patrols this area and players can rush to the house and the commander when the heavy passes by.

Alternatively, the heavy can be killed by blowing up an explosive barrel but that also puts the other enemies on high alert. Once the commander is dead, players can just leave the area from where they came.

Keo Logging Camp

The commander is located near (x:419 y:760) inside a house. There is a sniper on the roof and killing him is essential if players want to approach the area.

A silenced sniper rifle should do the trick. Players should avoid approaching the compound from the slope on the north side since the enemies have a better viewing angle because of it being downhill.

East side of the enemy camp is bordered with dense vegetation which is really useful to hide and sneak around. Players can even use this cover to draw enemies to their position and then kill them.

Once the enemies all the enemies or dead or enough that players can sneak up to the house, they can just kill the commander and leave the area.

Kyra Tea Terraces

The coordinates (x:391 y:330) mark the beginning of the quest. The location is the same as the story mode mission “City of Pain”. The commander is in the warehouse where players snuck into previously through a truck.

The enemies are in slightly different positions however but the same stealth strategy should work somewhat.

Killing the commander is easy as he is on a loading platform so can be sniped from a distance, however looting his body is a challenge as a lot of enemies are in the area.

Players can sneak in through the green fence around the warehouse or drop in through the hole in the ceiling. They should however first tag the guard standing to the west of the warehouse as he patrols the area and can spot players.

Thrown rocks are really useful inside the warehouse to draw away a guard standing next to the commander or to draw away the commander to a more secure location so players can’t be seen from the open door when they go for the kill and loot his body.

Drag takedown is also quite useful in dragging the commander back into the shadows after killing. Escape should be easy from the same way players came in.

Lhumtse Barracks

Stealth can be bit challenging in this mission which players start from (x:784 y:602) as enemies have long lines of sight to various areas and the yard is filled with chargers.

Speed is a better alternative so players should get to a high vantage point northeast of them with a silenced sniper rifle and use it to quickly kill the two mortar operators, the commander and the explosive barrel.

Having done this, they need to look at the south side and shoot the barrel next to the guard post and then start killing the chargers.

It’s better to continue moving at this point to avoid detection as the enemies can trace the players through sniper fire. Once the area is clear, players can simply rush in, loot the commander’s body and then leave.

Pranijagat School

The commander passes through the road in a truck at (x:348 y:623) so players should quickly get off the road and hide.

Going through the front arch is risky business and can cause a mission failure but if players aren’t interested in a stealth approach, they can shoot the barrel next to a guard working on the car.

Once inside the area, players need to skirt around the north through the forest and come out on the east side being patrolled by a single guard. Killing him shouldn’t be a problem.

The commander however can be an issue as he is in plain sight of every enemy so stealth takedown is almost out of the question.

However, if players are patient, the commander will wander alone into the garage from where he can be lured into a more secluded area by throwing rocks and then killed. After looting the body players can just escape through the forest.

Rochan Brick Co. Shipping

The quest located at (x:392 y:504) sends players to an island temple but as they approach it, they should move south of the east side stairway and hide in bush to survey the area using the camera and tag enemies.

There are a total of 4 enemies by the way which means the quest is pretty easy. Players can just use a sniper rifle or sneak in to the area and perform stealth takedowns.

If players go for the stealth approach, sticking to the edges and luring enemies through rocks can be very useful.

A silenced sniper rifle can however allow players to quickly kill all 4 targets from a distance if they shoot accurately. Once the enemies are dead, players can just loot the commander and leave.

Rochan Brick Co. Storage

The commander is located in a farm near (x:441 y:540) and players can get a good look at the area if they move in from the south and use their camera from the rocks above to tag enemies.

There are three enemy soldiers who will provide a real challenge but they can be killed by simply shooting a barrel right next to them. Players can just draw the commander behind the house near the water’s edge.

When he walks on to the lower pathway to the west, players can throw a rock down the path while they themselves drop behind the house.

As he investigates the previous rock, players can move towards the shed and lure him there and perform a stealth takedown as he approaches.

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