Far Cry 3 Skills Tree Guide

Learn how to unlock certains Skills from the different skill trees and what is the best skill set to use in Far Cry 3 to enjoy the RPG experience

Far Cry 3 features a leveling system similar to the ones found in other games such as Borderlands 2 and Torchlight, and sometimes you need a bit of help in order to know what skills are worth taking in order to complement the kind of play style you’re going for, thus we have compiled this Far Cry 3 Skills Tree guide.

Far Cry 3 Skills Tree

The skill trees for Jason come in three forms; The Shark, the Heron and The Spider.

Note: some of the skills are locked until you complete a prerequisite challenge first, usually involving killing a certain number of enemies in a certain way.

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The Heron

The Heron Skill tree focuses on making you a mobile, scout-type player by increasing movement speed, reload speed, and granting you a number of takedown skills.

Cook Grenades
Holding the grenade button will ‘cook’ a grenade, making it explode faster after the throw.

Hip Shooter
This skill will make you more accurate while firing SMGs, pistols and shotguns from the hip.

Syringe Potency
Syringe effects last 25% longer.

Aimed Reload
You can now reload pistols and rifles while aiming.

Death from Above
Press a button to kill an enemy from above. These kinds of kills will give you five times normal experience.

Death from Below
Press the Right Stick kill an enemy from a ledge below them. These kinds of kills will give you five times normal experience.

Enhanced Syringe Potency
Syringe effects last 50% longer.

Deap Breath
Allows you to remain underwater for a longer period.

Steady Aim
Pressing a button while looking through a scope will steady the weapon for a greater period of time.

Line Gunner
This skill will allow you to shoot some weapons from the zipline.

Soft Landing
Take 25% less fall damage.

Breath Control
Your aim remains steady for four times longer.

Cool Gunner
(LOCKED – Requires 10 Mounted Gun Kills to unlock) Mounted guns now fire longer before they overheat.

Marathon Man
(LOCKED – Requires you to collect 5 Relics to unlock) Allows you to sprint faster.

Dual Death From Above
(Locked – Requires you to perform one Death from Above kill to unlock) Allows you to kill two people simultaneously from above for 7.5 times normal experience per kill.

Dual Death From Below
(Locked – Requires you to perform one Death from Below kill to unlock) Allows you to kill two people simultaneously from below for 7.5 times normal experience per kill.

Gunslinger Takedown
(Locked – Requires 10 handgun kills to unlock) Allows you to take an enemy’s pistol and kill others with it.

The Shark Skill Tree

Skills in the Shark tree of Far Cry 3 are for those characters who like to be all gung-ho when blazing through the enemy. Because of this, the skills found here mostly deal with advancing healing and combat processes.

Lets you silently kill an enemy from behind for three times normal experience.

50% faster health regeneration on health bars that aren’t empty.

Improved First Aid
Allows you to heal yourself without medicine.

Advanced Conditioning
Gives you an extra health slot.

Field medic
Medical Syringes restore 4 health slots.

Field Surgeon
Medical Syringes restore 6 health slots.

Chained Takedown
Lets you string together up to 10 takedowns, giving you 10 times more experience for every successive kill.

50% less damage taken from explosions.

Fire Retardant
50% less damage taken from fire.

Evasive Driving
Stolen vehicles are twice as resistant to damage.

Peak Conditioning
(Locked – Requires you to craft 10 health syringes to unlock) Grants you an extra health slot.

Adrenaline Surge
(Locked – Requires three supply drops completed to unlock) Health Bars regenerate twice as fast.

Button Up
(Locked – Requires you to buy 3 body armors to unlock) Body Armor can take 50% more damage now.

Heavy Beatdown
(Locked – Requires you to kill one Bull Shark to unlock) Gives you a special heavy attack that grants five times normal experience per kill.

Grenade Takedown
(Locked – Requires you to kill 5 people with grenades to unlock) Lets you kill enemies by activating their equipped grenades then pushing them away for five times normal experience per kill.

Advanced First Aid
Healing without medicine replenishes 3 slots of health.

Physical Conditioning
Gain a 3rd health slot.

Damage which you take from explosion will be reduced by 50%.

The Spider

The Spider skill tree is your basic stealth tree. It features takedown variations that will make picking off your enemies easier, as well as skills that enhance various elements of survival, like swimming and running.

Sprint Slide
While sprinting, you can press a button that will cause you to go into a slide.

Jungle Run
Movement speed while crouched is increased.

Takedown Drag
Now you can drag and hide bodies after performing takedowns.

Running Reload
Allows you to reload weapons while running.

Expert Archery
Steadies aim with the bow.

Expert Swimmer
Hitting a button allows you to move 25% quicker in water.

Horticulture 101
Obtain twice as many items from plants as you normally would.

Stone Wall
Take less damage from animals and have a lesser chance of being knocked over by enemies.

Zoology 101
Dead Animals grant twice as much loot.

Loot Takedown
Automatically loot the corpse after a takedown.

Knife Throw Takedown
Perform a takedown, and throw the victim’s knife at another enemy.

Combat Archery
Draw and fire arrows 50% faster.

Nimble Fingers
Reloads pistols, SMGs and shotguns 25% faster.

Quick Swap
Bringing up iron sights and switching weapons is faster.

Nimble Hands
(Locked – Unknown requirement) Reloads assault rifles, sniper rifles and LMGs 25% faster.

Penny Pincher
(Locked – Unknown requirement) Receive more money from dead bodies.

(Locked – Requires you to complete three Wanted Dead quests) Get 25% more money from selling looted items.

Ninja Step
(Locked – Requires you to liberate 2 outposts without being detected) You make less noise while running and sprinting.

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