Far Cry 3 Island Guide – How To Survive Psychopaths, Drugs & Other Dangers

Far Cry 3 has some of the strangest marketing decisions I’ve seen. The “Have I ever told you the definition of insanity?” video they used, to announce the game is bar none the greatest announcement video I’ve ever seen. I went from no interest in a game, to foaming at the mouth for more content in the span of a few minutes.

The next few trailer, didn’t disappoint. Each one getting me more and more intrigued. But now, their marketing campaign has gone from showcasing the insanity of the storyline, to showing how it’s just Skyrim with guns.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still very interested in the game. It’s just that, this drastic change in tone leaves me slightly alienated.

I assume they’re just trying to reach more audiences, but I feel like they should have taken a lesson from Battlefield 3’s marketing campaign. Which kept a consistent tone, while showcasing all of the game’s diverse features.

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