Website Update Has Fans Musing Killer Instinct 2

Hungry fans are keeping their fingers crossed that Microsoft might possibly be announcing Killer Instinct 2 in the coming days.

According to an announcement earlier today, the official website of Killer Instinct has been updated for a new look and to “improve long-term stability and ensure compliance with global accessibility standards.”

While overhauling aging websites to ensure stability holds merit, fighting fans are taking the surprise update as a sign of things to come. That the website was updated in light of a potential announcement idling around the corner and as such, Killer Instinct 2 might just surface in the near future.

Remember that the official Dead Space YouTube channel was updated shortly before its remake was announced by publisher Electronic Arts. The same thought process is being used by Killer Instinct fans here as well but safe to say, expectations should be kept to a bare minimum since in the case of Dead Space, rumors had been floating around for months.

Killer Instinct rebooted the franchise back in 2013 as a launch title for Xbox One. The game received three seasons of content before being ported to PC in 2016. There were naturally a lot of speculations about Microsoft chalking out plans for a sequel but even after the new Xbox Series X (and Xbox Series S) launch, there have been no official teasers or mentions for Killer Instinct 2.

Back in May, developer Iron Galaxy confirmed that it was working on an all-new game which will be revealed soon. The developer refrained from confirming if the project was Killer Instinct 2 but did note that if an opportunity arose for a sequel, Iron Galaxy would love to consider it.

The statement goes against rumors from earlier in the year which claimed that Microsoft was keenly searching for a developer to work on Killer Instinct 2 but for unknown reasons, no such developer was available. It might be possible that Iron Galaxy for one has been busy with its own projects

Killer Instinct in the meanwhile remains available on both Xbox One and PC, and through backwards compatibility on the new Xbox Series consoles.

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