Fan Show Mixed Reactions to Leaked Marvel’s Avengers Gameplay

Marvel’s Avengers gameplay leaked earlier thanks to San-Diago Comic-Con. Developers didn’t show the footage to the public so only a select group got to see it. We mainly saw Thor in action and the game looks in better shape than the last time we saw it. Moreover, Blck Widow’s character model is changed after fan criticism.

Fans over at Reddit seem to be divided by the gameplay mechanics of Marvel’s Avengers game. Some of the main issues fans pointed are the following.

  • The game is basically a linear progression to the next arena.
    Defeat a wave of enemies, hit a context button, see an in-engine cut-scene, and move to the next arena, repeat.
  • Enemy AI is weak and waits for its turn to be hammered by Thor. They also have very basic attacks so nothing challenging at all. Right now the only thing that can add to the gameplay experience is if Avengers has the ability to unlock new moves and AI is worked on.
  • The overall vibe of Marvel’s Avengers is dull and unappealing.

The leaked gameplay from SDCC 2019 gives a good idea of how the game will play. But keep in mind that developers have more time to address complaints. They already fixed Black Widow’s character model so expect more changes before the game roles out.

If you have played Insomniac’s Spiderman, the bar for superheroes games is already raised for you. When you look at Marvel’s Avengers game it seems like a noticeable step-down. It slow, clunky, and floaty to the point of mediocrity.

Marvel’s Avengers is releasing next year on consoles and PC.

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