Fallout Shelter Earning Caps Guide – How to Earn Caps Fast

Caps are essential to your Fallout: Shelter experience. Caps allow you to build room quicker, revive a dead dweller, upgrade rooms and destroy rocks.

Fallout Shelter Earning Caps

You are sure to find some Caps inside Lunchbox in addition to weapons, resources, outfits and dwellers.

Some other ways to earn Caps include completing in-game objectives, leveling up a dweller, rushing a room, earned by dwellers in the wasteland, and by selling outfits and weapons.

How to Earn Caps
Like I mentioned earlier, there are quite a lot of methods to earn Caps in Fallout: Shelter. Lunchboxes are a sure short method to earn 100 and even 500 Caps at times in addition to various resources.

One of the primary methods to earn Caps is from collecting resources. Every time you collect from your production room, you receive some Caps in return.

I have found that one of the best methods to earn Caps is to send dwellers out into wasteland and explore for a couple of hours.

Before sending them out in the wasteland, make sure they are well-equipped with the best weapons and equipment. Having a few Stimpacks and RadAways also helps a lot!

It also helps to increase dweller’s SPECIAL in an even manner. A dweller with 8 strength and 3 of everything else is worse than a dweller with 6 of everything.

One important thing to note here is that your dweller needs to return alive in order for you to collect rewards. To ensure this, make sure that you check on them every now and then!

Once you see that they have collected enough Caps and are on the verge of dying, call them back as soon as possible!

Rush production rooms to earn instant Caps. Rush allows you to complete the current production cycle and lets you earn bonus Caps. The bonus Caps are based on the risk factor; the higher the risk, the more the Caps.

Lastly, do note that failing a Rush causes a disaster in the room.

How to Earn Caps Fast

As mentioned earlier, you earn random amount of Caps from collection. This amount varies from 2-3 Caps to 100s, therefore, you can build as many rooms as you can manage and increase your chances of earning extra Caps.

Rushing rooms is another decent method to earn Caps fast! As a general rule of thumb, the more rooms you rush, the better your chances are to earn extra Caps.

However, always remember not to rush in case the accident percentage is over 35%.

I also recommend completing quests to earn Caps, but always focus on longer and harder quests to earn decent amount of Caps.

Lastly, you can also sell your useless stuff to earn some quick Caps, but remember not to sell rare items as you will probably need them later in the game.

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