Fallout New Vegas: Lonesome Road EyeBots Locations Guide

The fourth DLC of Fallout New Vegas has brought many more discoveries. 5 Eyebots are also added – these are similar to the ones of the main campaign. Some of these can be upgraded too. This Fallout New Vegas: Lonesome Road EyeBots Locations guide will present you with the locations of all these collectibles.

Fallout New Vegas: Lonesome Road EyeBots Locations

Eyebot Circuit board are miscellaneous items found in the DLC. They can be found scattered around The Divide inside the destroyed Eyebots. In this guide, we have listed all the Eyebots EDE upgrade locations for you

Hopeville Silo Bunker Entrance
At the Power Silo, head inside the new unlocked door. You will find the upgrade inside of the destroyed eyebot.

Hopeville Missile Base Headquarters
To find this upgrade, Check under the desk of the northernmost room inside the destroyed eyebot.

Ashton Silo Control Station
For this upgrade, go the locked room from the level 1 launch deck. Go inside through the rear door of the medical area and head right. There will be a locked terminal here and to hack it, you require Level 75 Science. Hack the terminal and head inside. The circuit board is found in a destroyed eyebot.

Sunstone Tower Roof at the Divide
For this upgrade, climb down and located the large pipe that will lead up the hill. The eyebot is to the north of the pipe but not accessible from here. To access the eyebot, detonate the eyebot, you will have to detonate the warhead in the area.  Go through the new pathway and head to the northeast, until you see a blue automobile nose-down in the ground. There will be two warheads to the east. Detonate the one on the right side. Then walk straight up to find the eyebot.

Municipal Sewers
There is a big opening into the sewers when you are climbing the “Third Street Municipal Building”. That opening leads you into a cave which has the eye bot in front, lying on the floor.

Finding all five upgrades for ED-E eyebot earns you the ED-Ecated achievement trophy. It doesn’t matter in what order you acquire the circuit boards as each board upgrades the Camarader-E perk once.

Here is the list of upgrades at each level:

  • Upgrade Level 1 – Weapon Condition Bonus or Daily 25% weapon condition repair dialogue option.
  • Upgrade Level 2 – Energy/microfusion cell manufacture daily dialogue option.
  • Upgrade Level 3 – Increased DT (+2 DT for both Character and ED-E)
  • Upgrade Level 4 – Damage Bonus (+5 beam weapon damage)
  • Upgrade Level  5 – V.A.T.S. Attack Bonus (+5% V.A.T.S Targeting)

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