Fallout New Vegas Cheat Codes and Secrets

You will need to access the cheat console in order to enable cheats in Fallout New Vegas. Press the tilde key (~) to open the console, and then type in the following cheat codes for their desired impact.

Add #no of Special Points
Type “addspecialpoints #” to add any number of special points.

Advance One Level
Type “advlevel” to advance one level in game.

Add Mapmarkers
Type “tmm 1” to add map markers to your map.

Add Caps
Type “player.additem 000000F (Number of Caps)” to add any number of caps.

Change Gender
Type “SexChange” to change your character’s gender.

God Mode
Type “tgm” to become invincible.

No Clipping
Type “tcl” for no clipping.

Fast Quit
Type “QQQ” quite the game fast.

Set Skill Level To #
Type “player.setav #” to set skill level to a maximum of 100. It will add skill bonuses to all skills excluding gear, tag skills, or attributes.

Unlock Lock
Type “unlock” to unlock doors, chests and terminals.

If you have found any other Fallout New Vegas Cheat code, share with us. Meanwhile, do check our Fallout New Vegas Guides.

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