Fallout 76 Will Not Feature Factions, Players Will Have To Create Them

Pete Hines has confirmed that Fallout 76 will not include factions, instead it will allow us to create them without any regulations.

Bethesda is going into an all-new direction with Fallout 76 as there will be no human NPCs in the game since everyone you will see in the game will be real-life players as the game is a complete online experience.

Fallout 76 will not include any factions instead you will be able to create them. Pete Hines in a recent interview mentioned that the players can be what they want to be. They can play as a civil militia if they want to and ”You don’t need us to create the factions,” he said.

According to Pete Hines, there are no restrictions based on the faction system and you will not have to decide on a group at the beginning.

Pete Hines said:

“If you wanna have the Minutemen, then be a Minutemen and recruit other people to be Minutemen who go around the world helping folks and finding settlements that need help and going and do that. If you wanna be a trader, if you wanna travel around the map or you want to build an outpost where people come and by and sell stuff, you should do that. You don’t need us to craft those systems. The game will just allow you to do that. You go be who you want in this world.”

It’ll be really interesting to see how that works out when the game launches and how the factions work, whether there will be a clan system in the game which will make it a lot easier.

Fallout 76 will also include new perk cards and a revamped special system. You will have limited perk card slots and you can switch between them as you like.

Hines has also assured that rules and restrictions in the game are to allow people to have fun without any negatives when Fallout 76 launches on November 24, 2018, for Xbox One, PC, and PS4.

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