Fallout 76 Vault Raids Will First Come To PC, Utilizes “Instancing”

Fallout 76 has been the focus of much criticism but it hasn’t been given up on by Betheseda. Vault raids, which will be introduced with the next patch, are evidence of this. The first Vault Raid that will become available, the Raid of Vault 94, will be available on PC first, and if everything goes smoothly, will then be come to consoles after sometime.

Betheseda posted details of what to expect from Fallout 76’s next patch. In it, they detailed how exactly the first Vault Raid, of Vault 94, would work and on what platforms it would be available.

Betheseda has described Vault 94 as such:

Situated on the border between The Mire and The Savage Divide, Vault 94 was once home to a utopian community of Dwellers. Armed with nothing but a stockpile of seeds and the Vault Suits on their backs, these pacifistic people were charged with restoring the Earth’s natural abundance in the wake of the Great War. The Vault’s door rolled open exactly one year after the bombs fell. Those who had been living safely within its confines found the Wasteland, and groups of other survivors on the outside, to be less than welcoming of their arrival.

Vault 94 remains, though its inhabitants are long gone, and it has been completely overrun by nature. Yet, something within now threatens its destruction. Daring Appalachian explorers will need to brave many perils if they wish to save Vault 94, find out what became of its former residents, and recover the precious resources hidden within.

Betheseda tells you to “bring some backup” as Vault 94 has “some of the most challenging experiences we’ve brought to Fallout 76 to date”. By backup, a full team of level 50+ characters are meant.

The raids will utilize “Instancing”, i.e, you and your team will be carrying out the raid without interference from other players.

This Vault is the first dungeon to utilize our new Instancing technology, which will prevent other players who are not on your team from interrupting and affecting your mission.

Directly because of this, Vault Raids will first come to PC and then, if it’s all smooth, will come to the consoles.

There will be three mission types during the vault raid.

One mission will be available at any given time and will last for one week. Each mission returns every three weeks…

…You and your squad can tackle the first mission, “Dead in the Water”, as soon as the door to Vault 94 opens on each platform. “Meltdown” and “Washout” will become available on all platforms during the following weeks on August 27 and September 3, respectively… Vault 94 will be temporarily re-sealed for around three hours each week, as one mission comes to an end…

…three difficulty modes every time you play through a mission: Novice, Standard, or Expert. Novice Mode is not timed, while Standard and Expert have more challenging time limits and encounters.

So there you have it. Are you excited for it?