Fallout 76 Subscription Offers Exclusive Content For $100

Another PR gaffe may be in the making for Fallout 76 with the most recent two announcements that Bethesda has made for the game. In addition to the game’s update to finally allow NPCs in the game being delayed until next year, there is now a Fallout 76 subscription offer that lets you get exclusive content for $100.

Fallout 76 has had a rocky life even from its release, with a wide variety of technical issues, public relations gaffes, and bad word of mouth going about and causing a large number of its players to drop. The game did seem to be on the up and up at E3 2019, however.

At E3 2019, in addition to unveiling a Battle Royale mode (because no multiplayer game these days is complete without one), Bethesda also announced that NPC wastelanders, a much-missed feature from the original game, were going to be added.

However, since then, things seem to have returned to how they were originally. Bethesda had to recall all 20,000 commemorative helmets that were intended for certain tiers of preorders due to a mold issue, along with announcing on October 17 that the Wastelander update would have to be delayed.

The Fallout 76 subscription seems like a way to try and get around this, but considering the game’s performance so far there’s no guarantee that it will be anything resembling a success. However, there are at least a few advantages to it.

People who actually use the subscription, called Fallout 1st by Bethesda, will gain access to private worlds, unlimited storage for crafting components in a new Scrapbox, and a monthly allowance of $1,650 Atoms, and more.

Up to seven other players can be invited into those private worlds, and only one needs to have the Fallout 76 subscription to do it. While inside, those players can make use of expanded building areas, increased CAMP budgets, exclusive Fallout New Vegas ranger armor, icons, emotes, and a survival tent that can act as a fast-travel point.

The $100 price tag is only in case you want to buy twelve months’ worth of the subscription, whereas it’s $13 if you only want to try it for a month. However it goes, however, if you want to get the subscription for yourself, you can try it out now.