Fallout 76 Special Edition Tries To Bamboozle Consumers, Gets Caught By High Perception Stats

It’s pretty well established by now that Bethesda and Fallout 76 is in about the same state as a post-apocalyptic world would be. Utter chaos. Though before now, this chaos was within the boundaries of the game itself. Recently, it leaked out into reality. As the Fallout 76 Special Edition does not provide exactly what it advertised since the Fallout 76 Canvas bag was actually a nylon one.

Now nylon is definitely not the same as canvas. This is in terms of both quality and appearance. The Wes-Tek bag from the promotion was depicted to be made out of canvas. Leaving us with a Fallout 76 nylon bag

Of course, the distressed customer did take it up to a customer representative since they paid $199 for the Fallout 76 special edition. The response from this particular representative is what attracted a lot of attention. Not in a good way either.

“we aren’t planning on doing anything about it.”

Now, of course, this wasn’t all they said. Mainly, the point of the response and basis of the explanation was cost-cutting. Makes sense seeing as how the game kinda bombed. Or well, nuked, cause it’s Fallout, heh.

Honestly, Bethesda is kinda just digging the hole deeper for themselves. Following the Fallout 76 release, the game is already facing a lawsuit for questionable company practices.

This was originally directed at the unfinished feeling of the game itself. The bugs, reused assets, familiar aesthetic and lack of a coherent story only being the tip of the iceberg.

Originally, in my opinion, at least, the lawsuit didn’t have too much ground. This being because it was mostly based on people just disliking the game itself.

Now it does have some ground. Since Bethesda has pretty much falsely advertised a product and misled their consumers into buying a nylon bag instead of a canvas one.

Bethesda later released a statement regarding the matter after gaining unwanted attention for the representative’s response. The statement focused on compensating buyers of the Fallout 76 bag in its special edition by granting them 500 Atoms to use in game.

Atoms for those who don’t know is the in-game premium currency used to make expensive purchases. A microtransaction basically.

These 500 atoms being granted to players that purchased the $199 Power armor edition with the notorious Fallout 76 nylon bag. Alongside that were a physical map of the game and a Brotherhood of Steel helmet.

Maybe compensating players with in-game currency wasn’t the best idea for Bethesda. Considering how many people want to just straight up refund Fallout 76 itself. regardless of getting the bag or not.

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