Fallout 76 Rumored To Be An Online Survival RPG

Since yesterday, Bethesda has been teasing something related to the Fallout franchise, leading us all to believe that a remake of a past title would be announced. Today, the company revealed a new project named Fallout 76 with a teaser trailer, which is reportedly an online survival RPG title influenced by DayZ and Rust.

The Fallout 76 teaser trailer doesn’t offer much information. All we see is a new Vault, which shares features with past Fallout Vaults. Bethesda promised to reveal more details about the upcoming video game at E3 2018, however, rumors started spreading already.

According to Kotaku’s sources, Fallout 76 is an online survival RPG, serving as a spin-off title for the franchise. Sources also reveal that the game draws heavy influence from survival games like DayZ and Rust as it is a prototype of the past rumored Fallout Online.

Fallout 76 won’t be as much of a survival title as Rust is though. Apart from traditional survival mechanics and base building, there will be a storyline and quests along the way, enhancing the overall experience. It might not be the classic Fallout title we were waiting for, but it looks like a long-time project that can

In the Fallout lore, Vault 76, where Fallout 76 is supposed to take place is a “control” vault, with 500 occupants. The vault was designed to open 20 years after a nuclear war, and was among the seventeen known control vaults, meaning that it was used as a baseline to compare to experimental vaults.

There’s no more information about Fallout 76 for now. Bethesda will reveal more about its gameplay at E3 2018. If what Kotaku revealed is true then the game is not yet finished so it might be some time before we actually get to see it in action. For what it’s worth, even though it isn’t a classic Fallout franchise title, Fallout 76 looks promising.

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