Fallout 76 Release Date Will Be Sometime In 2019, Says EB Games Australia

The Fallout 76 release date will be coming sometime in 2019, according to an EB Games Australia advertisement on Twitter, which said the game was now available for pre-order.

We now know that the Fallout 76 release date will be sometime in 2019, meaning that we’ll have to wait for a good while longer before we can get back into the Wasteland. We don’t know anything about the game really yet, so it’s probably for the best that it’s still far away.

The announcement came from EB Games Australia, which posted on its Twitter that you could pre-order the game now and that the game would be coming out in 2019, though there’s no real Fallout 76 release date information other than that.

Unlike Fallout 4, which was announced at E3 and released several months later in a big surprise, Fallout 76 appears to be something entirely different. We’ve only gotten a teaser trailer and no real gameplay for the game, but there are hints that the game would be some sort of multiplayer survival game.

We haven’t gotten any real information on what the game will be like (we’ll hopefully be getting something explaining its gameplay at E3), but considering the excitement over an entirely new Fallout game, hopefully Bethesda will get players to keep that excitement, rather than squandering it by trying to imitate games like Rust and Ark: Survival Evolved.

Fallout games have normally been single-player RPGs with wide-open worlds to explore, with players often alone in the Wasteland barring a small number of companions that accompany you. However, Fallout 4 gave us the start of what might be a survival game similar to Rust in the settlement building system, where players could gather materials out in the Wasteland to set up settlements, including things like new houses, defenses, and more that would draw settlers in.

However, that mechanic was heavily divisive, as the materials weighed players down and left them almost constantly over-encumbered, and the building system was far from perfect. Hopefully, if there is anything like that in Fallout 76, it’ll be much more polished.

We’ll likely get at least some information on a prospective Fallout 76 release date or at least a release window at E3, and hopefully we’ll get some gameplay information as well.

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