Fallout 76 Refunds Reportedly Available From PC Game Launcher, Bethesda Giving Up?

Bethesda might be giving up on Fallout 76 already according to a number of PC players, who have reported that Fallout 76 refunds are available from the game’s launcher. The game only came out several weeks ago, but has already picked up a great deal of negative press from reviewers and players alike.

While Fallout 76 got a great deal of buzz since its announcement earlier this year, the concept of a multiplayer Fallout game still brought up a number of issues with many fans of the series, particularly those who wanted a huge area to explore that didn’t involve running into other players and being targeted by trolls.

While Bethesda attempted to assuage players’ fears by playing up the co-op aspect and downplaying the severity of griefers, the game has still gotten a lot of bad or at least mediocre reviews from most outlets, along with a lot of players, who have criticized the game for being buggy and for the multiplayer aspect being something that nobody wanted.

This came alongside a lack of notable NPCs that normally made up a Fallout game, since quests were given out via robots and terminals rather than going around and talking to people like most other games, even Elder Scrolls Online. While it’s somewhat justified by the players of Fallout 76 being intended to rebuild civilization after the nuclear exchange that destroyed the world, it still makes a rather barren world.

Fallout 76 refunds might be in response to all of this bad press, allowing Bethesda to save at least some face by allowing dissatisfied players to return the game and get a full refund rather than telling them to stick with the game.

While Bethesda will hopefully eventually improve the game and make it something people actually want to play, at least the Fallout 76 refund is always an option if you’re on PC and don’t like the game.