Bethesda Teases New Fallout 76 PvE Content Coming in March

Bethesda Softworks has confirmed that Fallout 76 will receive more PvE content in 2019. The recent announcement of PvP survival mode in the game wasn’t received very well by the community. Many players suggested the developers to instead focus on the end game PvE content.

The resistance against this new mode was enough to get the attention of Bethesda. Company’s community manager took it to Reddit to calm and assure everyone that there’s more PvE content in works for Fallout 76. It will arrive alongside the survival mode in March if things go as planned.

We’re also seeing the thoughts being shared by those of you who’d like to see more PVE content, and while I can’t spoil any details just yet, I will say that Survival mode won’t be the only new content coming to Fallout 76 in March, so stay tuned.

The survival mode is said to arrive in a beta form in March for initial testing to allow Bethesda to make further changes to it depending on what the players want. The community manager has confirmed everyone that they will continue listening to the feedback to make the first online Fallout game better than it was at launch.

If you are looking forward to more end-game content then you should wait till March. Until then we have some in-depth detail about the upcoming PvP survival mode.  The creators of Fallout are calling this new mode very dangerous as it allows you to have unlimited fun without any restrictions.

Despite being a different mode, your progress from the adventure mode will carry towards this new one which makes things a little trickier. You can bring your old characters to this new mode but the leveling will be scaled in the new survival mode to keep balance and to allow everyone to fight back.

It’s good to see that developers are working hard to bring more content despite the criticism from the reviewers. PvE is the reason why players enjoyed Fallout 4 and previous games in the series for a longer period of time.

A new Fallout 76 patch 5 is coming and the game will go offline today so launch as many nukes you can before you get timed out.

Patch notes for this new update are not available yet but they will be available here when the game goes offline. The new patch is scheduled to arrive today at the same time on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One instead of arriving first on PC.

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