Bethesda Now Bans A Fallout 76 Player For Having Too Much Ammo

So fairly enough, Bethesda did notify us that they would be getting rid of duped items in Fallout 76. What they didn’t mention is that they would be banning anybody who actually may have duped the items using in-game exploitation. This case doesn’t really look like exploitation though since the person banned had 900 hours of gameplay. Bethesda basically banned a Fallout 76 player just because they had too much ammo.

Honestly, I’m a bit surprised somebody even endured Fallout 76 for 900 hours. But here’s the message from Bethesda to user Glorf12 which they shared on Reddit.

So Bethesda has suspected that the user has gotten all their rare materials through exploitation. Bethesda just doesn’t respect the grind, man.

Sort of a bad move on the company’s part since Fallout 76 really isn’t doing well at all. The few people that are standing behind the game and putting in hours are now getting banned as well? Truly the definition of shooting themselves in the foot.

In Bethesda’s defense, a bit of what the user in question did was fishy. He/she was trading the extensive amounts of loot they had with a secondary lower leveled account. Supposedly this was done for trading purposes. Also because you can’t carry more than 100,000 ammo on you at a time.

It’s still not illegal by in-game values to do such a thing. Trading with yourself to manage belongings and storage is pretty smart honestly. Plus if everything he/she attained was through grinding, they might as well do what they want with it.

900 hours is a lot of time to get something like rare ammo. Even if it’s very hard to find. The message did add that there won’t be any chance to appeal, as well as the fact that the decision was a suspension. Glorf will probably be un-banned after the dupe patch, but all their ground materials may be taken away. That’s one risky method of user retention if you ask me. Force them to put 900 more hours into the game to get everything back.

This does suck for Glorf, since they did seem to be genuinely enjoying the game, judging by the hours put in. It’s not the first time we’ve seen people enjoying Fallout 76. A bit of an eyebrow raise nontheless.

Source: Reddit

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