Fallout 76 Patch 7 And The Fasnacht Parade: Can We Expect Improvements?

Bethesda shared more details regarding Fallout 76’s first seasonal event “FASNACHTPARADE.” Improvements in Heavy and Energy weapons and the ability to build “bigger and fancier” C.A.M.P.s thanks to Patch 7 that rolls out this week.

The Fasnacht Parade seasonal event will be going live on March 19th and will last one whole week. Players will be able to play The Fasnacht Parade as many times as they like before the event ends.

The primary focus of Patch 7 is on rebalancing the Heavy and Energy weapons. Weapons will have increased damage so you can “take down enemies more easily, spend less time repairing, and more time looting”.

The C.A.M.P. and Workshop budget system is also being adjusted, that should “allow you to build even bigger and fancier Wasteland abodes”.Patch 7 also contains the first wave of Wild Appalachia game content.

It will include things such as the new Brewing and Distilling crafting system and quests that Bethesda showed off last week. Bugs and design changes are also being made to the game engine that should allow for better and smoother gameplay. It also includes challenge tracking and in-game notifications. There will be helpful to let players know when they’ve made progress towards tracked challenges. We also learned more about the lore behind the parade “Each year, since the founding of Helvetia in 1869, the townsfolk celebrated Fasnacht by donning fantastic masks and parading through the decorated town.

The festivities culminated by burning an effigy of Old Man Winter on the bonfire to signal the end of winter. The townsfolk may be long gone, but dutiful bots have kept the party rolling every year—and they welcome your participation!”As a part of the parade, players will also get a number of masks.

Bethesda detailed “The more marchers who survive the parade, the higher the chance you’ll earn a mask, some of which are exceedingly rare.”

Players will also get the chance to trade these masks with other “Dwellers” who have masks of their own. So if a player sees a mask they desire, they can simply trade. The Fasnacht Parade is going live on March 19th and Patch 7 will be released within this week. Fallout 76 is an online action by Bethesda Game Studios for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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