Fallout 76: Patch 11 Brings More Bugs And Glitches, Bethesda To Fix “Fake” Legendary Creatures Soon

Bethesda’s Fallout 76 is a game that just can’t quite catch a break. It was met with negative feedback when it launched almost a year ago. It was full of bugs and glitches. And ever since then, Bethesda has been trying to fix the game through updates and patches. Now, it is being reported that the latest Fallout 76: Patch 11 has added more bugs and glitches instead of improving the overall game experience.

Fans were looking forward to this update for some time now and hoped that it would finally fix the game. According to the official Fallout 76: update 11 patch notes on Bethesda’s website, the update was supposed to improve a handful of things, some of which include the following:

  • Power Armor Improvements
  • Item descriptions get a makeover
  • Nuclear Winter balance changes
  • Better experiences for new players
  • Delicious libations

Even though yesterday’s update does make a lot of changes in how the gameplay feels in Fallout 76, but now all changes are welcoming ones. As soon as fans updated their Fallout 76, many started to notice that the Patch 11 causes a lot of glitches and in some cases, the bugs are so bad that they break the game.

Reportedly, farming legendary enemies for ages will leave the player frustrated as there isn’t even a single legendary drop. Apparently, there is also an area in Whitesprings that will automatically kill you. Players are also reporting a strange bug that will behead your character as soon as you step out of Power Armor. Take a look at the screenshot below:

Bethesda has since spoken to Polygon and offered a statement regarding the bugs and glitches caused by the latest Fallout 76: Patch 11.

“We are investigating reported issues after the rollout of patch 11 yesterday,” said Bethesda’s spokesperson. “A hotfix is planned to release later today to specifically address the issue of legendary drops and “fake” legendary creatures, along with stability fixes. We will continue to monitor feedback and address any additional issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

It seems right now, the most players can do is to continue playing Fallout 76 with Patch 11 in this broken state, and wait for Bethesda to issue out another patch.