Here’s How Fallout 76 Nukes Will Work On Release, More Than Blowing Stuff Up

Fallout 76 nukes will not be a griefing tool according to Todd Howard and Jeff Garner, who both explained more about the nukes at QuakeCon.

Bethesda has released some new information about Fallout 76, talking about how Fallout 76 nukes will work when the game comes out. Nukes were a much-publicized part of the game’s initial reveal at E3 2018, but we didn’t really know what they’ll be doing aside from just functioning as bombs. Now, we do.

What we did know about Fallout 76 nukes around E3 was that they were a superweapon that you could use on other players as you played the game. Players accomplished this by searching and looking for nuclear launch codes. If you couldn’t find a full code, you could cooperate with other players to get a code out of the numbers you knew. Following that you’d have to break into a silo, input coordinates, and launch the nuke.

However, nukes in Fallout 76 are much more than a griefing tool or a way to blow up someone who’s annoying you. During the Fallout 76 segment of QuakeCon (as Bethesda is the parent company of Id Studios), Todd Howard and Jeff Gardner elaborated on how the game’s nukes would work.

Fallout 76 nukes, when used to blow up an area, will allow players to be able to do a number of things that they wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. This includes gaining access to new items and resources, along with unlocking new locations…and new enemies to fight, so be careful where you point those things.

Howard and Garner said that they had worked a great deal on making sure that griefing could not be a player deterrent in Fallout 76, and despite the aftereffects of nukes, they won’t be a constant threat. There’s a lot of fuss to being able to launch a nuke, coming across its codes and finding a silo and everything else.

And even if you did get your settlement destroyed by a nuke and possibly have your character vaporized for it, there’s still the CAMP tool to use, which allows you to save your structures, pick them up, and move them to another spot. So if you’re in danger of being nuked, you can tear your camp down and put it someplace else.

Fallout 76 will be coming out on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on November 14.

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