Fallout 76 Player Breaks NDA, Gets Twitter and Xbox Live Accounts Banned

Bethesda gave closed beta access to a number of Fallout 76 players. All of the players involved signed NDA agreements which bound them not to discuss certain aspects of the game. However, one player broke the NDA by sharing a video from the game on his Twitter.

Soon after his video was posted Bethesda took action and got his Twitter account banned. Not only Twitter but his Xbox Live account as well, stripping him of Xbox Game Pass, and Xbox Gold. Banning his Twitter and Xbox Gold, Xbox Pass, and buying privileges are a little harsh.

Thankfully, the player was able to get his Twitter account back but Microsoft isn’t reinstating his Xbox Live. He does have access to his current games library but he won’t be able to buy Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Gold, or make any purchases.

His friend made the post on Reddit and did mention that the person in question is an “idiot.” The ban hammer makes sense when you look at it in the light of what’s going on with Fallout 76. Bethesda needs to control information at this time. There is evidence of a severe downgrade from Fallout 4 and those who tested it don’t have much positive to say.

Fallout 76 feels empty and has issues with its lore. The 15-years old engine is struggling to keep up with the changes made for Fallout. Bethesda needs a new engine to work with and create a better experience. Saying “it’s a feature” to every bug we encounter won’t sell anymore. However, a general sense of ignorance reeks from Bethesda.

Outdated and clunky gameplay is trademark Bethesda design and while hardcore fans of the studio defend it by saying ‘that’s how Bethesda games are, this is what gives them a unique touch,’ at some point, we have to admit this doesn’t make them unique, it makes them sh*t in terms of gameplay optimization. In fact, Bethesda itself isn’t expecting a smooth launch.

Yeaaahh. I don’t – we’re definitely going to have issues for sure. They might be because of the launcher, but it’s far more likely that they’ll be because of any number of other systems that have to stand up to massive numbers of people hitting them, whether it’s social features or who the hell knows.

Fallout 76 is releasing on November 14 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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