These Fallout 76 Mods Will Improve Your Overall In-Game Experience

Fallout 76 is finally out but it’s still full of problems but thanks to the modders who have taken upon themselves to fix and improve the overall experience in the game.

Fallout 76 has received a pretty negative response from the community due to errors, bugs, UI problems and more which make it a very unfriendly experience.

If you are one of them, don’t worry as Modders are now active once again to improve the overall experience of Fallout 76. There’s one mod available which packs some optimized .ini files. This optimized Fallout 76 INS mod will improve the overall Fallout 76 experience and also the performance if you are having issues. This mod disables or decreases visual effects to deliver better performance.

Another mod called “Better Inventory” is also available to make your life a lot easier in Fallout 76. This better inventory mod in Fallout 76 will add filters across different categories and also shows you the weight of each category. It’s an ideal mod if you are always confused about the heaviest thing you are carrying.

Always over-encumbered but don’t know where your weight is coming from?
Dying of hunger/thirst because you can’t find your food and drink items among all the other chems/Stimpaks/RadAway/bobbleheads in the Aid category?

Better Inventory is a UI mod that adds inventory filters for several inventory categories and shows you the weight of each inventory category.

This “Better Inventory” mod for Fallout 76 currently almost has 15,000 downloads and it was just updated recently by the developer so expect more features to come with this mod soon.

There’s no official support yet for mods in Fallout 76 but the modders are more than just excited to do it. Modders started tweaking Fallout 76 from its beta by bringing various visual changes to the game.

Mods have been part of previous games like Fallout 4 which was a single player only game but it’s totally different in Fallout 76 as it’s online only game. Bethesda has confirmed that they will bring mods to the game but not until November of 2019. 

There are many Fallout 76 mods available already. More seem to be coming our way which might create an unfair experience in the game. Personally, I think that mods should be a choice and available on private servers just like Bethesda has planned so removing them from the online game, for now, would be the best move.

Other than these Fallout 76 mods, the game is full of bugs and horrible crashes. A group of players recently launched a nuke which activated a limited time endgame quest but they were pretty disappointed when they took it a level further by launching 3 at a time but it resulted in a server crash.

It looks like the game couldn’t handle 3 nukes at a time and something which Bethesda didn’t even test before releasing the game to the public.

Well, Bethesda is trying to fix these issues and that’s why they have released a massive 47 GB patch on the console. This massive update has fixed the quest bug for the Bureau of Tourism along with performance improvements, tweaks and more.

Fallout 76 is now available to play on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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