Fallout 76’s Locked & Loaded Update Goes Live

The lingering Locked and Loaded update has finally gone live for Fallout 76 with all of the new content (and more) from the fourth season.

According to patch notes shared earlier today, some of the major changes include the introduction of SPECIAL loadouts in Fallout 76 which players can access from level 25 onwards to change their perks and swap between loadouts by using a Punch Card Machine whenever they head back to their camps.

Furthermore, developer Bethesda Game Studios is now allowing players to access and manage all of their camps from a single menu. Camps can hence now be renamed, given new map icons, have their visibility toggled, and most importantly, switch locations to designate a new primary camp for use.

Locked and Loaded in addition brings a new Decryption mode to Fallout 76 where players can fight off new mutations while disabling three Radio Interceptors for daily rewards. That and a ton of quality-of-life improvements which players have been requesting for a while now.

Take note that most of the Locked and Loaded changes have been out there on public test servers since early February. Deployment was handled in waves to ensure that the final roll out was stable. Fallout 76 will now appear quite different following the update from earlier today which should be a breath of fresh air for players who have been playing regularly and pointing out much needed improvements along the way.

The update however does require a lot of storage space depending on platform. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will have to downloaded nearly 60 and 65 GB respectively. Fallout 76 on PC though has an easier time with its new update ranging between 11 and 22 GB between Steam and the Bethesda.net launcher.

With Locked and Loaded out of the way, Bethesda Game Studios will now be focusing on its next big update called Steel Reign which has been slated for summers. The winters to follow will then see fully support for pets in camps as well as the arrival of alien invaders.

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