Fallout 76 Is Unique In Terms Of Multiplayer, Clearly Not An MMO

Many fans of the Fallout universe are worried as to what Fallout 76 will be like in multiplayer terms when it releases this November. Bethesda reassures future players that the multiplayer part of their upcoming title will nothing like an MMORPG.

Fallout 76 will be the next addition to the popular role-playing series, except this time, there will be multiplayer added to its post-apocalyptic theme. Despite fans being skeptic about its character and the nature of its multiplayer gameplay.

However, Pete Hines has revealed to Game Informer that Fallout 76 will be nothing like an MMO and won’t fit into any assumptions that fans make about it. He stated:

“The truth is that this game is not what people expect, yes, I understand when people listen to multiplayer, online or PvP people think instantly ‘well, it’s an MMO’ or ‘it’s a free game in which everyone they shoot at each other “or” is the typical game in which I will end up getting angry constantly with other players. “And the truth is that it does not fit with any of these assumptions described, because we do not conform to preconceived ideas and that it’s something we always do at Bethesda Game Studios”

Furthermore, Hines also pointed out the fact that Bethesda doesn’t replicate the gameplay that other game have and want to instead create their own unique experience. According to him, Bethesda does not conform to preconceived ideas and we’ll be able to find out more about this as the release date of Fallout 76 draws near. This probably falls into the assumptions that Fallout 76 will be a survival game like Rust. Here’s his statement:

“We are not the usual company type or the type of developer that looks at something and thinks ‘Hey, let’s just do exactly that.’ No. We want to make a game that feels unique and that is presented in a space that no one has been or nobody has done anything similar, because we are the best at being in places where no developer has been before, in pushing the conventional boundaries of genres a bit, “

Press members that were lucky enough to try out Fallout 76 at E3 2018 put into the “must-play” category for 2018. Fallout 76 will release on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC on November 14.

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