Fallout 76 Factions Guide – Locations, Alliances and Rivalries

Our Fallout 76 Factions Guide will help you learn all about finding all human and animal factions in the game, their alliances, rivalries, and locations.

Survival is key in Fallout 76 and that key isn’t obtained until you approach things cooperatively. For this purpose, it’s essential to understand and utilize the Faction System of Fallout 76 to see which one best suits you. In our FO76 Factions Guide, we have outlined all available factions you will be able to encounter after emerging from Vault 76.

Fallout 76 Factions

Factions have always been a big part of all Fallout games. It basically refers to a group of individuals working with the same goal or interest in mind. There are a total of eight factions in the game.

Alliances and rivalries can be established between the factions. Factions will thus, as they have in previous entries, play a big role in FO76’s story.

Brotherhood of Steel

One of the returning one factions is the Brotherhood of Steel which is described by Bethesda as:

The locations of where Brotherhood of Steel operates are Camp Venture and Fort Defiance. As per the description, it paints a different picture of the faction owing to the different color of the typical armor.


Enclave also makes a return from Fallout 2 and Fallout 3 games, and it’s best described by the developers as:

The location for their operation is based in The Whitespring Resort. Previously, they’ve been known to make good use of the Vault-Tec technology.


Another classic faction; this one doesn’t like diplomacy much in settling matters and is always daring enough to take the violent path. They are based in Palace of the Winding Top and Top of the World.

Free States

A new faction operating out of Abbie’s bunker, the Free States are a group local survivalists which won’t mingle with the other factions. They trust each other and no one else.

That’s the reason why they’ve holed up in Abigayle Singh’s concrete bunkers and have very little ties with the other factions, only two of which include the Brotherhood of Steel and the Responders.


Another new faction, the Responders were a professional bunch of individuals who served their community before the War and continue to do so now as well.

They operate from multiple settlements including the Charleston Fire Department, Flatwoods, and Morgantown Department.

They are open to any volunteers and they’ve created many aid stations throughout West Virginia to teach the survivors automated systems for their own benefit.

Cult of Mothman

These Mothman worshipers and ritual cultists took to the high ground in Point Pleasant and they’ve been operating there ever since.

The founder of the faction Brother Charles who claims to have been given the warning by the mystical beast itself first summoned the Mothman.

Charleston Emergency

Founded by Abigale Poole, this faction is based in the Charleston Capitol Building in the City of Charleston.

Since the other members of the faction particularly Chief of Police Mayfield had different beliefs including anti-loot policies and provisions to be prioritized for the government, there have been some rifts in the faction ever-since.

Order of Mysteries

Founded by Shannon and Frederick Rivers, the faction is based on the River Manor. In addition to the faction being comprised of exclusively orphaned girls, the desired combat style of the faction is that of stealth.

They also carry some special equipment to survive and personify the Order of Mysteries:

  • Blade of Bastet: A powerful sword.
  • Eye of Ra: A splendid decorative brooch.
  • Grab of Mystery: An outfit that provides an additional boost to mobility and stealth.
  • Phantom Device: Works like a flashbang or a smoke bomb to distract the enemies.
  • Veil of Secrets: To mask one’s identity and provide protection against smoke and toxic fumes.
  • Voice of Set: A special type of .44 revolver capable of firing both smoke and electromagnetic bullets.

Animal Factions

There are also factions among the dangerous and terrifying creatures that roam the wasteland. They are listed below:

  • Bug Faction
  • Eyebot Faction
  • Bloatfly Faction
  • Creature Faction
  • Yao Guai Faction
  • Scorched Faction
  • Bloodbug Faction
  • Stingwing Faction
  • Deathclaw Faction
  • Super Mutant Faction

Of course, this isn’t all thanks to the multiplayer aspect of the game. Players can now form their own factions and take on adventures together in the harsh and desolate wasteland. It’s as simple as inviting someone over and joining up in their group.

Our Factions Guide for Fallout 76 is still a work-in-progress. We will continue to add more content to our guides in the coming days. Stay-tuned!

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