Fallout 76 Facing A Lawsuit After Failing Barter Check

Safe to say, Bethesda had a disastrous launch of Fallout 76, definitely not the way they expected it to go. The buggy, glitchy and rehashed mess was met with a heavily negative reception. After users started demanding refunds for the unfinished game, Bethesda went back on the original promise of supporting refunds. This led to a lawsuit being filed against the company.

Migliaccio & Rathod LLP have launched an investigation into Bethesda’s development practices. The investigation was regarding the heavily glitchy nature of Fallout 76. As well as the release of a massive patch after the game’s launch.

The lawsuit was filed after Bethesda refused refunds to PC buyers of Fallout 76. Who wanted it returned on the grounds of being almost completely unplayable. Some people took it with a grain of salt, others took the entire salt shaker.

The claims of being an unfinished mess of a game aren’t entirely wrong though. Honestly, they’re pretty damn accurate with how terribly optimized and buggy the game is. People want a Fallout 76 refund for a reason, the game was a rehashed, incomplete variant of Fallout 4.

Ironically, even West Virginia lashed out at the game for the messy experience it gave players. The Fallout 76 lawsuit is specifically narrowed down to consumer protection. Besthesda is arguably eligible for a lot of criticism regarding what they gave their fans.

Movement speeds of the player characters, for example, are locked by the game’s FPS. Looking down actually made players move faster than others. Power armor glitches turned people into long-armed, hunchbacked cavemen.

The assets were also heavily reused with how similar the game looked to Fallout 4. Not only in its aesthetics, but also animations, textures, and locales.

The game just screams a lot of laziness. Further reinforcing that Fallout shouldn’t be a multiplayer game. Even though it probably does have the potential to be a great one.

The Fallout 76 lawsuit may or may not go through. Hopefully, it serves as a lesson to Bethesda regarding not slacking off on their produce. As well as not misleading their consumers into paying for an unfinished game.

Sure, they’re known for their bugs and glitches, but this was just outrageous. The denial of refunds which essentially is milking revenue out of the bamboozled consumers is probably gonna hurt them in the long run.

EA once went through a similarly harsh lesson after the microtransaction debacle of Battlefront 2. Backlash being fierce enough for them to completely remove in-game purchases altogether. Something I’d never expect out of EA if I’m being honest.

This Fallout 76 lawsuit may hopefully get players the refunds they’re owned by Bethesda. It should also serve as a much-needed wake-up call to the company itself.

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