Fallout 76 Crossplay Not Available, Blame Goes To Sony

Over the past days, we got a lot of new information about Bethesda’s next addition to the Fallout universe, multiplayer survival game Fallout 76. Fans can’t help but wonder, will Fallout 76 crossplay be available? The answer is no and you might have already figured the reason.

It is Sony. The company once more doesn’t want to include crossplay to the list of features coming to Fallout 76 on PlayStation 4. Due to that, Fallout 76 crossplay might be unavailable on Xbox One and PC altogether, as Bethesda’s Todd Howard revealed.

Game Director of Bethesda Game Studios, Todd Howard, in an interview with GameStar, revealed that Sony is “not helpful as everyone would like” in bringing Fallout 76 crossplay to fans.

He went on by saying that Bethesda wanted crossplay to be introduced to Fallout 76 since it’s “a big trend in the games industry”, although we might be a long way before we see that happening.

The cross-platform play issue caused by Sony over the past weeks has caused fans to be questioning the existence of the feature on upcoming titles and, as it seems, they have a good reason for doing so.

Sony has recently shown positive signs in making crossplay a reality for PlayStation 4 but given Howard’s statement on Fallout 76 crossplay, this is merely a statement for now.

The possibility of Sony cross-platform play being possible came from Shawn Layden, president, and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America at Gamelab 2018, when he was asked if the PlayStation 4 would cross play with other consoles.

Let’s hope that Sony will reconsider their policy on crossplay and will let players unite under one “roof”. Microsoft and Nintendo have already shown some progress on that matter, announcing crossplay for various titles on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One over the past weeks.

If crossplay among all platforms is finally succeeded, then we might be able to say that the video game industry has surpassed problems that existed in more than a decade now.

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