Fallout 76 Ammo Weighs Less as Compared to Fallout 4, Full Stats Inside

While Fallout 76 has been compared to Fallout 4 there are a lot of changes as compared to Fallout 4 including ammo weight. A Reddit user dug deep and has found that ammo weighs less in Fallout 76.

RPG games do have weight limitations most of the time and limit you from carrying a lot to stop you from turning into a walking juggernaut.

In Fallout 76, weight limitations will come into play as there’s no longer any companion to carry for you.

A User on Reddit dug deep through a gameplay video and has made a complete list of ammo types along with their weight while comparing them to Fallout 4.

According to the table below, Bobby pins are now heavy as they didn’t have any weight at all in Fallout 4.

Fallout 76 is also going to feature mods like the previous games but not at launch. Pete Hines has revealed that the mod support will not come to the game until 2019. There’s a lot of work to do but they are definitely coming.

Mods will also be available on consoles including Xbox One and PS4. Though keep in mind that these will be available on private servers instead of public to keep it all fair.

PC players will be able to purchase the first online Fallout game from Bethesda.net or Microsoft store. Bethesda has decided to skip Steam for the first time.

They have done this for a reason and that’s not because of revenue. Bethesda has done this change to have a direct contact with customers, to look over statistics and overcome issues in the best way possible.

It’s a brand new platform for a big game like upcoming Fallout. Though it was quite obvious that the game will go through a lot of issues and even Bethesda is not confident about it.

If you have pre-ordered the game then you can play its beta later this month. Xbox One players will take the lead by getting their hands on the beta first followed by PS4 and PC.

Fallout 76 is the first online-only game by Bethesda and it will release on November 14, 2018, for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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