Fallout 4 X-01 Power Armor Locations Guide

The most sought after armor in Fallout 4 is the X-01. Players roam around the world in search of its piece and try to find location where the entire armor set can be found.

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Fallout 4 X-01 Power Armor Locations

Below are locations for X-01 armor set pieces that will help you build this amazing suit. Thre are also a couple of locations where you can find the full set.

Armor Piece Location #1
Requirement: You will need Master Lock Picking and Expert Hacking.

Go to Proctor Teagan onboard the Prydwen (Brotherhood of Steel Airship) and unlocked the caged door to reach a Helmet piece of X-01.

Armor Piece Location #2
Energy Turbine 18-F holds more of the armor. On top of a hill there are two military ACP’s near a crash site. Look for the armor nearby.

Armor Piece Location #3
Requirement: Radiation Protection and make sure you’re able enough to kill Synths.

Abandoned Shack, Installation K21-B, is where you need to go next. You will find an abandoned shack north of the Crater of Atom. Look for a locked hatch and enter to reach the ground floor. You will find more pieces of X-01 here.

Armor Piece Location #4
Requirement: Expert Level Lockpicking and Hacking

Go to National Guard Training Yard and look for a stack of shipping containers in the area. Unlock one of the containers using your Expert Lockpicking skills to find an armor inside. Inside the armour you will find more of the armor. Hack your way inside to find what you’re looking for.

Armor Piece Location #5
You will find a military convoy just west of Finch Farm. Look inside one of the truck.

Armor Piece Location #6
You can find more of the armor at the Revere Satellite Array in one of the satellite dishes. Climb up after clearing the area of Super Mutants.

Speak with Bobbi No Nose to rigger the Big Dig quest-line from Goodneighbor. Go to a room on the side to find the armor.

Armor Piece Location #7
Go west of the Murkwater Construction Site and look for the Crashed Vertibird. The armor is nearby.

Full X-01 Armor Location

Following location may swan a full set of armor but that depend on your level. Try visiting these locations after you reach 30-40.

Location #1
Requirement: Expert Level Hacking

Go to South Boston Military Checkpoint and look for a cage with a terminal outside of the main building. Hack your way into it for the armor.

Location #2
Go west of the Custom House Tower, 35 Court Tower. Look for a teal building and enter through an entrance to the left.

You will notice a sign that reads “35 Court.” Use the elevator to reach the upper floor and you will come across three sealed door. Head toward the middle one and fight-off the enemies who’ll emerge.

Now Open the middle door by hitting the red button in the room.

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