Fallout 4 Settlement Building Truly Lets Players Bring Out Their Creative Side

Fallout 4 Settlement building was a new feature to Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic franchise and also one of the most controversial ones. Given how much focus Bethesda put on the feature, even releasing numerous DLCs solely based on Settlement content, it was inevitable that people would come up with some wacky creations.

Thanks to the mod support for the game, the Fallout 4 Settlement building feature can be evolved way beyond recognition. This way, players not only get to place some truly unique and custom items but also have a lot more design choices.

While actually defending these settlements may not be fun but building them up and then seeing the result of all that hard work turning out to be amazing is truly a wonderful experience.

Since the launch, players have been busy figuring out more and more interesting ways to build their settlements. While some go for practicality, opting for a simple design but with utility features such as automated turrets, generators and lighting, some fans just want to show their creativity.

Some of these fans have even converted completely desolate locations from the game such as the Starlight Drive-In Movie Theatre or Red Rocket Garage into truly wonderful settlements with bars, pool tables, clinics and similar useful features.

Below we have compiled a video of some of the most practical and interesting Fallout 4 Settlement designs we have come across.

Apart from these, some of the settlements out there seem to focus purely on delivering a visual treat and not much in terms of practicality. But then again, who needs protection from Deathclaws when you can have your inventory filled with mini nukes.

Some settlements, like the Ten Dollar Tower by Grindolf, also pay homage to other locations from the Fallout franchise. In the case of Ten Dollar Tower, the place is designed after Tenpenny Tower from Fallout 3 with each floor housing a unique feature such as a 24-hour bar and communal bath house.

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