Fallout 4 Secret Hairstyles Unlock Guide – How to Change Your Hairstyle

You probably spent a good few hours in the Character Creation at the start of Fallout 4. If not, then you’re probably regretting some of your decisions, right?

Even if you aren’t, there’s a chance you’re tired of sporting the same haircut. After all, hair do tend to grow, and a person always needs some grooming.

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Fallout 4 Secret Hairstyles

If you want to change your haircut, there’s a fairly easy way to do it. All you have to do is progress through the story mode enough to access Diamond City. Once you have access, you can head to the Diamond City Market, which has plenty of shops.

One of these shops, located right next to Piper’s newspaper shop, is the Barber Shop. Speak to the barber here. His name is John. Changing haircuts is a fairly cheap business. John will serve you at the cost of 15 caps.

What’s interesting though is that John has some secret haircuts that’s were never available in the main Character Creation screen at the start of the game.

There’s also another barber named Horatio who can be found in Vault 81. You’ll want to check out our Side Quests guide if you want to know how to access Vault 81. Once the folks in the vault let you in, you can also get a haircut from Horatio.

Both of these barbers offer new unique hairstyles that aren’t featured in the Character Creation screen. Here they are:

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