Fallout 4 Last Voyage of the USS Constitution Side Quest Guide

If you flew in a Vertibird to the Brother of Steel’s airbase in Fallout 4, you probably got a decent view of the entire Commonwealth. One particular spot that might have piqued your interest is a ship apparently sitting on top of a building.

Well, that very own ship has a highly rewarding questline associated with it, called the Last Voyage of the USS Constitution. It’s definitely one of the most rewarding side quests in the game, and a must-do one for those who are struggling to farm some Bottlecaps.

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Fallout 4 Last Voyage of the USS Constitution Side Quest

While exploring the Charleston Neighborhood, you may be stopped by a Mr. Handy robot named Lookout near a huge ancient ship called the USS Constitution. It’s embedded in buildings, and hard to miss in that area.

You’ll want to locate the hull door in the ruined building the ship rests on. Work your way up through the building all the way up to the main deck of the ship. Speak to Ironsides here, and agree to help him assist in repairing the vessel.

The first that needs to be dealt with are a bunch of Scavengers. The ship is under attack, and you need to defend it.

You have several options to do so. Either prep the streets with various traps and mines, use the cannons on the ship by flipping the circuit breaker, assault from the deck, or use the aft rowboat to ascend and descend.

In fact, the best way to defend the ship is to combine all of these. After the battle has been won, you can speak to either Bosun, the Navigator, or both.

Speaking to Bosun
If you speak to Bosun below the deck, he’ll ask you to fix up three power cable wiring boxes. Find a metal box below the deck with three power cables in it, and use them to repair the cables.

Speaking to Mr. Navigator
Head up on the deck and speak to Mr. Navigator. He wants you to obtain a guidance chip from some Scavengers. His special request is not to use force. You’ll want to visit Manddy Stiles at her store, which is fairly close to the ship.

You have several options to take here.

  • You can agree to work with her and bring down Ironsides and his crew. You can agree to this now, but change your mind later. This is advantageous as Mandy and her sidekick won’t become hostile.
  • Agree to work with Ironsides. This will pretty much result in a fight, so kill everyone and take the guidance chip.
  • You can simply ignore her and use stealth instead. Sneak into the building behind her and steal the guidance chip from the cabinet without getting spotted.

Regardless of how you deal with things, you’ll eventually come into possession of the chip. Head back to the ship and activate the Core Guidance System on the ship, then talk to Mr. Navigator. He’ll reward you, and also give you another job.

Getting Guidance
Mr. Navigator wants you to obtain a radar transmitter. You can either choose to repair the one on the ship, or find a new one from various locations. One place to do so is the Poseidon Energy Turbine #18-F. It’ll be in a steamer trunk there.

Whichever way you choose, head to the deck and repair the guidance radar. Go talk to Mr. Navigator and he’ll give you an additional reward for your efforts.

Now, head over to Ironsides and talk to him. He requests one last component to repair the USS Constitution. These are turbopump bearings. You’ll be able to find them in a nearby factory. Head over there and kill everything you can, then grab the bearings and return.

Talk to Ironsides, and he’ll give you a key to his cabin. Head inside, and make sure to grab the US Covert Operational Manual. Install the turbopump and receive your reward.

Before Ironsides can execute his plan, you’ll have to fend off a last-ditch attack from the Scavengers. Shoot them, hammer them, do whatever you wish by using your own weapons and the ship’s cannons. Just make sure Ironsides doesn’t die, or else the quest will fail.

Once the Scavengers are dead, speak to Ironsides to obtain a reward. He’ll give you the powerful Broadsider weapon, which is essentially a hand-held cannon. He’ll also give a hefty sum of 1,500 Bottlecaps. Generous robot, ain’t he?

There’s one last thing to do before the mission is over though. Leave the ship and ascaned to the ruins of the building the scavengers were attacking from. It’s located south of the street. You’ll want to flip the circuit breaker here.

The ship will lift off and head into the sea. Once you’ve witnessed the spectacle, visit the new location and speak to Ironsides.

In addition to all the goodies he previously gave you, he’ll also hand over a Charisma-improving Lieutenant’s Hat for all your efforts. You’ll also have free use of the Captain’s quarters.

The Darker Alternative
If you want to side with Mandy (for whatever reasons), you can head over to her (provided you didn’t kill her) and sabotage the turbopump first after obtaining it, and then install it at the ship.

Talk to Mandy Stiles again before setting things in motion, and agree to help kill Ironside. This will make the engines of the USS Constitution fail. Ascend the ruins of the building where the Scavengers attack from and flip the circuit breaker.

The engines will explode at this time. Board the ship and defeat Ironsides and his crew members. Head back to Mandy, and you’ll get what you deserve for destroying Ironsides and his men: betrayal. Kill her and all the other Scaevengers, then loot the salvage for yourself.

With such poor decision-making, you just managed to prevent yourself from earning 2,000 Bottlecaps in reward as well as obtaining one of the most powerful heavy weapons in the game. Shame on you.

Wear Captain Ironside’s Hat and move along to ruin the rest of the Commonwealth as the quest ends.

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