Fallout 4 Far Harbor Guide: Far from Home, Walk in the Park, Where you belong, Visions in the Fog

Fallout 4 Far Harbor guide with complete walkthrough of Far From Home, Walk in the Park, Where you Belong and Visions in the Fog DLC main quests.

In Fallout 4 Far Harbor, a new case from Valentine’s Detective Agency sends you in search for a missing girl on the far off on the island of Far Harbor.

During this quest, you will come across various NPCs, meet with a new colony of synths, Children of Atom, and much more.

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Fallout 4 Far Harbor Guide

Our Fallout 4 Far Harbor guide walks you through the a few main quests of the game:

Far from Home
You need to tune in to the Valentine’s Detective Agency Radio station and the talk to Ellie in the office in order to start the mission. Once done, head over to Nakano Residence on the north side of The Museum of Witchcraft. At this point, make sure to learn more about the missing girl from Nick Valentine.

Once you are at the location, find six Holotape. After this, speak with Rei to know more about the missing girl and the boathouse. Use lockpicking or the note at the top of the safe to find a key and listen to the Holotape. From there, you simply need to talk to Kenji to get the boat and complete the mission.

Walk in the Park
You need to head over to coastal town of Far Harbor in order to star the quest. Once there, you need to speak with Captain Avery and help defend the hull against some new enemies. Once you are done with the threat, you need to speak with Avery once more who will then tell you about Old Longfellow.

After speaking with Old Longfellow, convince him to help you in your quest and head towards Acadia. On your way, you will come across several more enemies. Moreover, you will also come across a Child of Atom preacher and accept the ritual to get Nucleus on your map. After arriving at Acadia, speak with Old Longfellow once again in order to complete the mission.

Where you Belong
After getting to know DiMA, find Kasumi Nakano inside the compound who will ask you of help in uncovering DiMA’s secrets. In order to do so, she will give you three options which are listed below.

If you speak to DiMA directly, you will get to know everything you need to know and get Faraday’s Program. If you hack into Faraday’s terminal, you will be able to read his journal and download the program. Lastly, you can also hear everything going on in the meeting among DiMA, Chase, and Faraday. In order to access the meeting area, you will need a key located on a table inside the teleport room.

Once the meeting has been concluded, get the things from the meeting room and head back to Kasumi Naknano in order to complete the mission.

Visions in the Fog
You need to head to Nucleus and speak with Grand Zealot Richter about the ritual that you need to perform. From there, you need to head over to Atom’s Spring and follow the woman through the woods. Once you have taken care of enemies in the area, head inside the Children of Atom sanctuary.

Use ‘Mother’ as the shrine password on terminal in order to unlock the cage and acquire the Mother Icon. Moreover, there are some other things in the area that you can also collect. Once you are done, simply head back to Grand Zealot Richter and discuss everything to conclude the quest.

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